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HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 17/05/2016 at 21:24

I'm back. Had a wonderful time.  We had a room with a view

Sooooo pretty. Found cake, gelato, coffee, prosecco, a beautiful garden and sunshine so all was good with the world.

Will be thinking of you all tomorrow Dove and Wonky Xx

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 16:57

Yummy GWRS.  We had our first home grown asparagus at the weekend ....totally worth the 3 year wait

One of the big advantages of working from home on a nice sunny day is that when you down tools, you can be in the garden within seconds🌞🌞🌞

Sitting here watching the bumblebees filling their boots on the first aquilegias of the season.  Very pleased to see them (the aquilegias as well as the bumbles) because last year we had an attack of aquliegia gall midge that ruined nearly all of them.  Thought t would return, but so far so good, lots of flowers opening up.

Another half an hour here in the sun, and then I must go pack a case.  Panicking a bit now obelixx we have to take our own cake?  It is an essential part of a "sisters" weekend 🍰🍰🍰......maybe gelato could be a substitute🍧🍨🍧🍨

ooooo .....look what I've found πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š(in the absence of pinch and enlarge I'd better elaborate that its a Dove)

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Cephalaria gigantia in a narrow bed

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 14:51

I have some growing nicely from seed at the moment ......hard to believe thats how big they're going to get.....still, I suppose from little acorns mighty oak trees grow

Forum changes now live

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 14:18

Just had a play, and they all seem to work - eg I can get to the Howto section, and enter competitions etc

Forum changes now live

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 13:40

Hi there - just to let you know that I have an iPhone 5s, and my menu button works (ie under Forum it shows Latest posts, New threads, and Followed threads......and they are all clickable).  So its one of those tricky non-universal problems

Why did Chris do that?

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 08:37

Shouldn't he be down in Chelsea, bulding his Gt Ormond Street garden?  Maybe he needed some Thuya cuttings to help decorate it......keep your eyes peeled when the Chelsea coverage comes around

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 08:34

Sadly, mine are slug fodder .....particularly when the leaves are just emerging

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 08:31

Morning all Later start than normal - working from home today so the commute is not as long

Enjoying having Chicklet home but, due to some bad timing, I am going away for the weekend.  I go away once a year with my sisters (leaving all partners, children and dogs behind at home).  We've been doing it for about 15 years.  This year we are headed to Lake Garda .....never been, but hoping for some stunning scenery......and lots of coffee and cakeπŸ°β˜•οΈπŸ°β˜•οΈ

So play nicely whilst I am gone and I'll see you Tuesday morning.


Posted: 12/05/2016 at 21:44

Happy Birthday tomorrow for Daniel's Mum

Yellow leaves on Daphne

Posted: 12/05/2016 at 21:41

Hi J&H - email notifications are on the list of things to fix, as is the endless scrollng.  Some improvements were released today, and there are more to come, so bear with . If you want a quick way of finding your own posts then click on your name at the top right hand side of the screen and you should get an option to view "my posts".  Good luck with your daphne too

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