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Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 10/09/2017 at 11:08

I think I'd get spooked if someone told me there was a car, with a body potentially in it, in my garden 

Successful day Uni shopping yesterday - although have to go out again today to collect something we had to order online .....but its only a local trip.  Then a curry out last night - very nice indeed 

Toms and cucumbers still coming thick and fast from the greenhouse - fried tomatoes on toast for breakfast ...yum yum πŸ˜‹πŸ…πŸž

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 09/09/2017 at 09:09

We have friends holdaying in Orlando too Dacha ......

Good to see you Wonky - glad you're feeling a bit better this morning 

Watched GW last nght, and decided that more than 5minutes in the company of Helen Dillon would drive me over the edge.  But loved seeing Bressingham

Off to the shops today with littlest Chicklet - bits and pieces for Uni before she goes next weekend.  Coffee and cake might feature too β˜•οΈπŸ°

Love the chateaux Obxx - enjoy your time with Possum

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 08/09/2017 at 06:39

Awful to see the carnage these storms are causing

Glad you arrived safely Lizzie - enjoy your mini-hols over here.

Obxx - your trip sounds wonderful - hope the internet speed picks up soon as I"d love to see pics 🏰

Nearly the weekend  

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 07/09/2017 at 06:45

Morning Dacha

Have a good flight Lizzie - sounds like you have a good trip planned

Letter writing sounds tough pdoc  I wouldn't know where to start either.

Schools are now back in force, and so is all the traffic πŸš—πŸš•πŸš™πŸšŒπŸš—. Hearing a lot more of the Today programme than I have been used to these last few weeks.  Settling in to my new office nicely - different trees to look at out the window   I have exchanged a majestic horse chestnut (unfortunately addled by that horrible pest that makes the leaves go brown by August) for a rather stately weeping willow.  Its funny, when others look out of our office windows, all they see is the cars in the car park, whereas all I see is the trees   I like my world better 

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Wisley Flower Show 2017

Posted: 06/09/2017 at 06:45

Its a great show, but probably won't make it this year ......thanks for the photos - makes me feel like I was there 

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 06/09/2017 at 06:42


Great to see you Tbird - hope you enjoy the rest of your holibobs β˜€οΈ

My Dad now has a date for his heart op (valve replacement) - next Monday.  Not much time for him to fret about it.  Last night was a flurry of phone-calls trying to work out who can visit when.  If it is as sucessful as they hope it should give him some quality of life back - he's been struggling with breathlessness for the last while.  Would be great if he could get back to sailing and tramping through the forest watching birds 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

Life is a mixture of excitement (Australia trip being gradually planned and booked), worry (see above), and  (littlest Chicklet heads off in 11 more sleeps ).  Never a dull moment .  Need to get out in my garden for a bit of respite 

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 05/09/2017 at 06:35

Lovely Liri   The word gossamer springs to mind 

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 05/09/2017 at 06:33


Glad to see you back Pdoc - difficult and confusing times though.  Come to the decision that feels right for you - and take your time getting there.

Hugs for Clari too.

Don't like these dark mornings at all 

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 04/09/2017 at 06:58

Hi Pat - Chicklet has been getting excited by the sunshine in the last couple of days - she keeps sending me pictures of blue skies . So I think its beginning to turn a corner there.  Not sure how she's going to cope when the real heat arrives though

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 04/09/2017 at 06:39

Morning peeps 

Yvie - looks like you are having a lovely holiday πŸπŸ–.  Think I'll leave the icy lakes and snow rolling to you hardier types.

Spent yesterday having a very quiet day, looking at the rain coming down in stairrods, amd feeling even more thankful for the glorious weather we had on Saturday.  Walking yesterday would not have been as much fun.

Work today in a new office - same location but a different building, if that makes sense.  All my stuff went in crates on Friday afternoon, so hope its all turned up in the right place this morning.  Need to get my GW calendar up and my pot plant installed before I feel at home (pot plant didn't go in the crate  - I found it a babysitter ).  

Happy Monday everyone 

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