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What are these?

Posted: Today at 08:54

It's hard to tell from the photo as it's not very clear if you enlarge it - I can't tell if they are whitefly or little eggs? you can wash whitefly off with your hose or simply wipe them off.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:27

You need to prune after they've flowered. If you are pruning in spring you will be cutting out all the growth that will give you flowers. Leave them a,one and then prune immediately after flowering in late summer

Scented or not?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:20

Oh that's interesting? I can smell the white jasmine but thanks will try it out on any visitors and see. Its only just coming into flower so maybe the smell is too light at the moment. My neighbour says it's a bit of a thug so only want it if it has a scent (I can smell..)

GW plant pots

Posted: Yesterday at 12:16

We're they plastic, if so they are easy to get although probably online rather than is a garden centre chain.  Just google large plastic plant pots and you should find something similar to them.

Pruning Sambucus Nigra black lace

Posted: Yesterday at 12:14

Blackfly won't do any lasting harm so it may just be exhausted from all the jet washung etc. You could hard pruned it in the Autumn and you will have lots of lovely growth next year - if you read back in this thread there's lot of info on pruning.

Any Ideas for Plant Replacement?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

Nepeta can cope with partial shade and gives a similar summer effect to lavender but wouldn't be any good for winter structure

christmas box is evergreen and has lovely scented flowers in winter - not anything to look at as very small and it can be clipped to keep it as a low hedge. Another evergreen is Skimmia - maybe go for one of the smaller varieties such as Kew Green, that's a male so doesn't have the berries but the red flower buds show for quite a while before opening (white and scented)

Potentilla fructicosa can be used a short low hedging and flower all summer, they can cope with some shade -but just remembered they are deciduous 🤔

Scented or not?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:51

Hi, has anyone any experience with this Jasmine. My neighbour opposite has a huge one along his fence and has given me some to take cuttings from but it doesn't seem to have any scent?

It's definitely a Jasmine and it has pink flowers so we think it must be stephanense as we don't know of any others?

This is only our second summer here and  I don't remember a scent last year either?

Water feature

Posted: Yesterday at 09:42

There must be a pump to circulate the water but I guess it's all self-contained with its own resevoir etc so that you just plonk it down where you want it. If you google the Grand Designs show website they probably have a list of the exhibitors

Last edited: 27 May 2017 09:42:26

Skunk cabbage

Posted: Yesterday at 09:37

I don't think there's is an easy way other than as Punkdoc says lots of physical hard work - digging it all out and making sure you get all the roots out as it will regenerate from the tiniest piece. I think there was a piece on GW about this some weeks ago, Jo Swift visiting a garden and discussing how it has become a severe problem is some areas of the country as it's spreading into our waterways and destroying native habitats.

Link below to some advice, first bit is aimed at habitat control. Lower down has suggestions on removal methods -  good luck

budding bud grafting course in Scotland?

Posted: Yesterday at 08:56

Do you have any colleges near you offering horticultural courses? I think this might be covered in one of the RHS practical courses? And if not they may have a tutor willing to show you how to do it?

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