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How long from seed to garden?

Posted: 03/05/2017 at 19:46

Thanks for all your replies - you can't put a price on advice based on practical experience 🙂

How long from seed to garden?

Posted: 03/05/2017 at 19:02


I have lost of empty spaces in our newly cleared garden and a limited budget so trying to decide how to use my funds most effectively. Im quite happy and keen to grow some perennials/ grasses on my wish list from seed but want to be realistic about how quickly I will get garden-ready plants (partly re the space and time etc needed for lots of potting on). This seems to be the sort of practical information which isn't readily available so am hoping to pick your brains as to how long any if the following will take to go from seed to garden please or whether plug plants or divisions/cuttings may be the route to go?

Stipa gigantea

Stipa tenuissima

Penisetums Hamelyn and Little Bunny



Helianthus Lemon Queen

Phlomis russelina and Amazone

Thank you!

No leaves

Posted: 01/05/2017 at 10:46

It may be the variety - or is this different to previous years? We have two Asmead Kernel and the leaves open after the blossom And you can't even really see any sign of leaf until they s em to appear from nowhere. Our other tree, unknown cooking apple, only starts to obviously have any leaves whilst the blossom starts to open and then the leaves gradually replace the blossom.

Care and maintenance of a wildlife pond

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 08:01

Not sure why that extra text appeared in the middle of my post - thats from a twitter post at least a week ago ???

Care and maintenance of a wildlife pond

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 08:00

We never had any success using barley straw but you can get a liquid form and that worked much better - just google barley straw extract. Delighted how the fading flowers of Hellebore Anna's Red compliment my Heuchera Green Spice - sultry and seductive #spring #gardenchat

Sent from my iPadDoesn't get rid of it completely but if you take out the bulk and then start using the extract you should get far less and it's organic so no effect on the wildlife or other plants.

Garden Pond Renovation

Posted: 05/03/2017 at 09:13

Had to laugh when I read your post. We have just started to renovate our pond - just exploring the old liner edges and removing the surrounding stones so far and immediately we started the frog spawn appeared.

We've bought a cheap paddling pool and plan to fill it with water from the pond and carefully re-locate the frogspawn and other wildlife whilst we finish the job. That's the plan anyway - the weather has delayed us this weekend.

Greenhouses - how big is too big?

Posted: 05/03/2017 at 09:07

Hi Donnag67

we are just about to start our first season of growing in our new greenhouse. Am guessing from the colour that you are looking at Rhino? They will send you samples of the colour, free from memory. The samples are on aluminium so you get an accurate sense of the colour as it will be on your greenhouse. We went with silver sage, but Hubble also liked the antique ivory so we had samples of both to help us decide.

i wasn't sure how much staging I would want as this is my first greenhouse, So chose to have 8ft of free standing which I can then move around and add too if needed. We went for an 8x12 and in the pale colour it almost seems to disappear. Our garden is larger than yours but am sure that you will get the same effect. 

Am not sure if they have updated their website but we visited them to order and you can get most of the accessories in your chosen colour whereas when we were buying the only colour clickable online was the green. If too far to visit so I would recommend ringing through to order if you do want the staging etc in ivory. 

good luck x

Medlar novice

Posted: 09/11/2016 at 09:10

Sorry Berghill had forgotten you had given me the info already, thank you

Medlar novice

Posted: 08/11/2016 at 18:02

Ooh Berghill, would you be willing to share your recipe?

Medlar novice

Posted: 08/11/2016 at 16:09

We will have literally hundreds when I've finished picking them so may do so in batches and commandeer the dining room table for laying them out 🤔 hopefully we will then get enough blotted before they go mouldy.

Have various recipes for jam/jellies and also one for a sauce to go with lamb - looking forward to experimenting

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