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Is this weeding?

Posted: 19/03/2013 at 15:48
Terence Jones wrote (see)

Weeding and tidying up?

My own definition of a weed is any plant I don't want in my garden.

Tidying up can mean so many things to so many people.

One man's rubbish is another man's antique.


Interestingly, we did initially wonder if it had been a misunderstaning but when we asked him why he had done it he wouldn't give a reason. If he had said "that's what I thought you wanted" at least it would have explained things!



discodave wrote (see)

Chyperie, did you get any resolve?

Not yet, we went out for dinner with our neighbours who are horrified at what the "gardener" has done. They are adamant they knew nothing about it and when they asked him why he had done it he said " I thought it would give you more light in your greenhouse!"  He also said that his insurers had advised hime not to do any reinstatement work as that would be an admission of guilt. We were in the process of writing to him to say we would accept reinstatement as " full and final settlement" but our neighbours have asked if they could speak to him first and ask him to reinstate. We are giving him until the end of this week then we'll put it in writing to him.

Is this weeding?

Posted: 05/03/2013 at 07:56

Yes we are going to push him, calmly and firmly, to put things right. Well my wife is! I'm a very placid and no confrontational person but was so angry with what he had done I lost my cool big time. He latter told my wife he thought I had been "heavy handed". Not sure if he was being ironic  as he was the one that had been "chainsaw" heavy handed

Anyway spoke to the neighbours (who we've always got on well with) again last night. They were horrified that he was saying they had asked him to do it. I confirmed that he wasn't and that he couldn't (or wouldn't) give any explanation for his action. The plot thickens! We can only assume he thought he was doing then a favour.


Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 20:14
Sam Glendinning wrote (see)
How did you hear of the guy and have you seen his work before?

We live in a small village and most people we asked about gardeners mentioned him. In hindsight, they mentioned him not necessarily recommended him and again in hindsight all of them are maintaining their own gardens.

Lesson learnt, the hard way.

Still nobody has died or been injured

Just watching "Death on the wards" on Channel 4, puts everything into perspective


Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 17:01
artjak wrote (see)

I have done gardening for people and I realised that everyone has different ideas about tidying a garden. (rather like personal hygene, everyone has their own views on this and everyone thinks that they are correct!) I like to do fairly harsh cutting back about once a year, cutting to 6" below where I want it to be on most things. I have been told by customers not to cut a giant overgrown privet hedge that was annoying the neighbours as it was in flower. Hey Ho.

Yes but, I imagine you don't adopt a "scorched earth" policy


 You can just see the remains of the lilac tree to the left of the shed, the holly bush was in the middle and the hedge was all along the wall! This angle doesn't show it as bad as it really is. Next doors greenhouse is obscured in this shot by the conifer.

Even more weird is, the gardener gives no explanation for his action and my neighbours say they didn't ask him to do it. Strangely I believe them, mind I believed the gardener was only going to weed!




Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 13:21

Many thanks for the useful replies.

Just to clarify, we took him around the garden for around 20 minutes explaining what we wanted doing.. We asked him to start in the back garden but all he did was the one side of the front garden. It is unfortunate we could not be at home but naively trusted him as he only lives around the corner and earns his living as a gardener!

We really didn't expect him to weed with a chainsaw!

The side of the garden he "weeded" is about 20 foot long and has been there for 30 odd years and is well established with bushes and shrubs. He has left the rest of it untouched apart from some minor trimming which we are happy with.

What we find most frustrating is that when we got him to come and explain why he had chooped everthing down in front of the greenhouse he just kept saying "it will grow back" .If he had said that he thought that was what we wanted or that the trees etc were diseased it would have been acceptable (maybe).

We threatened him with legal action and he looked visibly shaken and asked us what we wanted him to do to avoid legal action. We have told him we want the area reinstating with a mature tree etc. He is due to come back tomorrow with his proposal.

Unfortunately our neighbours have been away all weekend so we haven't been able to talk to them yet.

Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 09:17

We asked a "professional" gardener who lives around the corner to come and do some weeding and tidying in the garden. The day he wanted to come were were not at home. but were horrified when we returned home and saw what  he had done. For some reason, that he is unable to explain, whilst "weeding" he managed to chop down a six foot hollybush, a mature lilac tree, remove a hedge and lop branches (back to the trunk) of another 40 year old tree! He would only say "it'll grow back" but did accept it would take a few years. Apparently it's just a coincidence that the 2 metre wide gap he has created at the side of our garden is adjacent to our neighbours greenhouse. The gardener is good friends with our neighbours.

Any comments/suggestions would be most welcome



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