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Lithodora diffusa 'Star' Lithodora

Posted: 03 May 2013
Overall: I'm trying the soil type as above reading:
"Unlike many rock plants, lithodora needs a humus-rich soil, rather than a gritty one, so make a special planting pocket for them. Place several rocks close to the plant so the soil underneath remains cool and moist in a hot summer, giving the roots a reliable comfort zone."
as I'm planting in a narrow border by pond edging, seems ideal for that place.
It would be useful to keep in touch.

Clematis 'Abundance' Viticella Group clematis

Posted: 22 March 2013
Overall: Thank you for this review...I'm looking to screen a fence and this sounds just right particularly as the garden is small, wider than long so don't want fence line to be intrusive. This is one happy gardener!

Eupatorium purpureum 'subsp. maculatum Atropurpureum' Purple Joe Pye weed

Posted: 22 March 2013
Overall: From my experience (and some success) I planted seeds in pots with moist soil, topping up up the garden soil where I would plant-out, placed pots in sun - three out of a dozen seeds took nicely -p otted on as nervous of soil condition.
Gave two away (as presents - folk with very acidic soil - plants thriving).

My own I moved to back of border close by other shrubs.Treating it as a shrub. Keeping on in a pot - largish to move about for colour.

Extremely pleased as the garden is small and the 'weed' is not as bulky as a shrub.

Good luck.