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Bamboo taking over the world.... Okay, garden.

Posted: 06/04/2013 at 13:39

Be very careful about any bamboo that grows quickly as that's the most invasive.  We learned a really tough lesson a couple of years back. We were given a pot of shortish bamboo, very pretty and the giver did say 'keep it in a pot, it's invasive'.  It dried out a lot in the pot and we had a patch in the garden that we thought it would look good in so we planted it and it did well... too well... 

After 18 months or so we realised it was spreading fast so we fet it was too invasive and decided to dig it up...

The root spread was about 1.5 metres in each direction, upwards and downwards, long indestructible roots.  We spend about 2 days SOLID digging, seiving and sorting - the patch we were dealing with was only about 2 metres x half a metre... we filled barrow upon barrow with roots.  Thought we'd got it all out.. but no... a month or two later up it all popped again.

The long and short was that we've spent the best part of 2 years now, on and off, digging out roots and shoots, spraying with the most evil weedkiller we can find and we think we might now just have cracked it... unless it pops up somewhere else. 

So... be VERY careful about planting any fast growing bamboo in the garden... think of it as like japanese knotweed...if it gets out of control it could go under your house and cause serious problems... as well as spreading to neighbours etc (I've seen that at a friend's house - a neighbour 2 doors down had bamboo - it spread next door and they did nothing, their garden is covered in it and it's crept through to my friends, he can't control it. 

Whilst I enjoyed the programme last night, I found it quite scary that the Cornwall bamboo grower cheerfully admitted that there were problems with some of the bamboos he was growing but seemed content to 'shrug it off' - he even said about one bamboo variety - 'I fear for the future'. 


I agree with Verdun, there are better plants to grow for screening - bamboo is pretty but it's a thug if it gets out of control and some varieties do get out of control very easily. 


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