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claire goulding

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Clearing a garden

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 17:43

well done mr.toast! I took a look at this at the beginning and am thrilled to see what you've achieved. and yes, your garden is for you, not for others,it must work for you and your family.

keep posting pics!

Lavender bush

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 16:56

after 10 years they do get very woody and don't look so good.i had the same,and made the hard decision to take them out and put new ones in.they don't take long to grow,a good excuse to go to the garden centre!

Gardening Buddy.

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 16:53

my gardening buddy is my westie, judy. she sits on the deck of my summer house, looking like shes going to tell me what to do. its her favourite place. she comes up and gives me a lick every now and then,and a wag of her tail. sometimes a teddy will come out of the house,and I will find it up the garden path. now shes a bit older she sits on the old settee watching me,and often will go inside upstairs on the bed if she gets fed up.

you can see her tail on my photo!

How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 20:35

I got into gardening thru my dad. he didn't give me a bit of the garden or anything, it was strictly his domain. I loved peas,and he would say I couldn't pick them as he'd just sprayed them.

it wasn't until recently I realised as he was an organic gardener, he only said that so I wouldn't keep pinching them..(my husband told me this)

so now I grow my own, mostly they get eaten when they're ready.and I tell my husband its a bad crop.again..hee hee

I will/I won't grow that again

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 20:30

strawberries. they are so cheap to buy its not worth the faff. only going to grow charlotte potatoes, nothing else is as good!!

and not so many corgette plants. again.i always grow too many.and then end up sick of them,letting them grow into enormous marrows.

but mum loves them for her church harvest festival!!

Disease resistant roses

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 21:33

I have the same  problem,, got rid of 3 climbing roses, the rest are in pots and patio roses, you can keep you eye on these

I do find constance vigilance works. find it,get rid,tidy up.cut back.

Pernission to speak SIR!

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 21:26

did anyone see that programme with ian hislop called something like "the good old days"? apparently weve always looked back on the past fondly, forgetting the hardships. I wonder because its too frightening to think of the future, in case we are not in it?!

I stopped going on social media sites and various forums, as sooner or later people start being horrible to people they've never met, saying things they wouldn't dream of if they met them in person.

I see this happening here.what a shame.

ive just watched the film "the railway man"

makes you think.

we don't learn anything, there seems to be so much hatred.

be kind to each other.


Tatton Flower Show

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 21:03

I thought the same aliesh. I loved the floral marque, that's what I went for, but the show gardens being all over the place I couldn't figure it all out! and the programmes were £4, the cost of the tickets and coach for us was enough,without more expense, and yes,the amount of retail was way too much.

and the ice creams!! only posh magnums. we took our own sanwhiches and drinks. bought a few bits,and yes,it was great the different plants you could buy,fantastic variety .

did you see it on bbc2 tho? there were show gardens I didn't see!! then realised I had, they look better on tv!

soil ,so hard

Posted: 06/07/2014 at 13:06

can you use a fork on it? get some holes in the soil going? my dad told me to do this on my garden,id just moved in and it was a mess, he said it was what they call pan,i think,solid soil. I put the fork in as far as it would go,and did this all over. but maybe yours is too far gone?



Posted: 04/07/2014 at 20:39

"if you have a garden and a library you have everything you need"

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