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Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:30

I always clean my pots I wait for a pile of them and do them all  together. my dad is the same, and he used to pay me a half pence each for doing them!

I am very tidy, I get it from him. I cant help it.

and I like the smell of jeyes fluid.


Is this blight?

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:18

looks like frost to me! too early for blight I would've thought, tho you can check on the web to see if its in your area. new leaves should come thru, I had the same problem one year, im in the midlands too. wish the frost would get lost!


Posted: 24/04/2015 at 14:39

my freesias that I planted this year I have only had 2 out of about 10 bulbs do anything. I have grown them in the past, very well. if only I could remember what I did differently this year...

ive even took some out of the compost and had a look.there they sit.doing nothing.but their mates have .I wonder why?!

How life changes

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 20:49

i had to laugh at that fidgetbones!! my husband, after a couple of very late nights at work got home early the other day and changed into pyjamas at 4.30pm!! when I asked why he said they were comfortable.

poor thing!



Concrete Lined Anderson Shelter - What to do?!

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 20:49

I knew someone who found one in his back garden, it was great! but he told his landlord who told the council who made him fill it in and block it up -  health and flippin' safety - so watch who you tell !!

Am I grumpy cos.....

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 20:46

bamboo!! thank goodness I dug it out before it took over.

hardy fuschia's. I have lots tho, my dad gave me them to start my garden off, 10 years later I still have some and feel mean when I take them out.

Fishy's 'pleasant reminders of schooldays. Not !!!

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 21:08

school dinners. I only started having them at high school, and they were great! there was always chips and sausages, and a pudding, corned beef hash pie. once we had a roast pork dinner, all the trimmings, and I put my fork into a roast potato and it flew in the air into the games teachers lap.

happy days!

Neighbours Conifer

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 21:03

really feel for you but theres nothing you can do if they do not want to do anything. its not worth getting into a horrible situation with your neighbours about. they obviously don't realise how bad it is for you and they never will. you cant make horrible people into nice ones.

having said all of that ( I have terrible neighbours who don't cut their side of our hedge and it is a real mess) I inherited 6 conifers on my front garden, took 4 out, left the other 2 for privacy. it wasn't until I chopped those down too and took photos that I realised how awful they  had looked, and how nothing would grow underneath them!! your neighbours are the same. they don't realise !

I wished I never seen it

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 21:52

its very violent, lots of nudity,mainly women, who are prostitutes or princess's,and im afraid,i found it very predictable. its always a shame when everyone raves about something,and you just don't get it!!

perhaps its not aimed at me,more adolescent boys!having said that,my friend is my age..hum..its me!!

I wished I never seen it

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 21:32

better call saul is brilliant if you liked breaking bad!

my sister's lent me "love for Lydia" now that is old,i remember the theme tune,but little else.its very dated,but has a young peter Davidson and Jeremy irons.

I used to love the mallens,sometimes tho,altho the acting is wonderful,you can tell they didn't have much money,the sets wobble a bit!

not like of thrones has a couple of million per friends lent me the whole lot,cant say im into it, lord of the rings on heat.not for me!

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