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claire goulding

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potato problem

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:25

thanks, I think I will even if they are a bit smaller, another couple of weeks would've been nice, but better to have some than none!

Love your garden back on TV tonight 8pm

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:21

I don't think I will watch it.

last series every episode was an instant expensive garden for someone very deserving, then alan titchmarsh  showing them round and everyone crying.

it gets massive ratings !

I would like to see a gardening programme where they deal with nothing but problems and how to solve them.

potato problem

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:18

hi buddy bear!

no, the worms I had were white, very very small, I could hardly see them. have to say, ive scraped them and they seemed fine to eat, but one or two had little holes where they had burrowed in.

really just wondering do I lift them now, im sure it will get worse..

potato problem

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 16:25

just dug up what I thought were healthy but small duke of York potatoes.

on closer inspection tho, a few of the tinest whiteish worms at the bottom of the container...yuck!!

could these be wire worms?

are they safe to eat?

should I dig them all up now?

will it spread to others on plot ; home guard and king Edward?

I knew I shouldn't have bothered...!

any advice please guys!!

Is this the start of potato blight or just something of nothing?

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 13:26

duke of York ready and very good.

charlotte not quite, very small.but they're in bags

Is this the start of potato blight or just something of nothing?

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 12:25

ooh thanks guys!

im going to have a look now I could hardly wait !

been gardening for years, but its still exciting!

Is this the start of potato blight or just something of nothing?

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 08:23

carrying this thread along; im not sure whether my spuds have very early blight or not!

some leaves at the bottom of some plants have yellow leaves. no rain for 3 weeks, I wondered if it was vitamin defficency so used Epson salts , watering and avoiding the leaves.

this morning a couple of leaves had a bit of brown on them!!

if it spreads, if it is blight, they've been in since 30th march, charlottle and duke of York.

my question is:

is it best to  cut of the leaves?

dig the spuds up? or leave in the ground?!

I have had blight a couple of years back in the lovely 2012 rainfest that was our summer.havent grown them since.hum...

Talkback: Garden pests

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 15:01

totally agree with you hester. I was thinking the same thing.even

getting rid of the whole of my veg plot and putting a lawn down!

but then I looked at my new neighbours with their new plot,excitedly coming home from work every night and checking their (now netted)veg.


it is frustrating  and I share your pain, I had most of my plants that id grown from seed munched overnight by snails and slugs, even the sparrows(thinking they were my friends I feed them enough)have been picking at my peas and tomatoes!

when I watch monty don putting in tonnes of new veg plants,i think,how much did that cost?!!

I do think the wet warm(ha)winter has really done it this year for the slugs and snails.and pigeons grhhh.... if I had a gun!

don't give up tho! could you go and have a look at a garden centre and see if anyones selling anything of cheap?

 I got a tray of Brussels for a £1 and some geraniums from the market, I took out my poor cosmos and replaced them and felt so much better.

get some cheap beer for slug traps watch them tumble in and have a more expensive beer yourself!


Bamboo garden underplanting

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 18:51

my sister has a garden full of bamboo and all she has underneath are hostas, but im afraid theres not much else she can grow, it does tend to take over and not leave room for much else, shes taken it all out on the front garden and it needed a huge digger! good luck they do make a lovely sound!

Bags of potting compost purchased - absolutely rubbish

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 18:11

well I give them beer every night...!

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