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Posted: Today at 07:09

Morning all.  Too dark to see any damage outside but...





20 days late but yay money!

Now place your bets on February being paid in time (11 days away).


Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

Too early to be thinking about sex Topbird: I'm about to make supper (Chinese of course).


I just want a vague "average" to use as examples when showing people the uniforms as 27kg really doesn't mean a lot to people but if you said "weighs more than the average six year old" I think people will get a much better understand of trying to carry it around all day! Otherwise I'm going to buy a big bag of cement and tell people that it weighs less than my uniform but that will only end up making a mess all over my classroom.


Posted: Yesterday at 17:27

Completely off topic for the gardening world but can anyone tell me how much the average 5 / 6 year old should way? I'm trying google but its getting me so very lost.


Only my fire fighting kit weighs 27kg and I'm quietly convinced that a 6 year old surely can't be much more than that. 


Posted: Yesterday at 16:27

Oh Christ. Guess who found the bounties.

BUT I am now one session plan typed up.

Still raining hard here: even the hound wont go outside! (We've had him a year now!!)


Posted: Yesterday at 14:21

OOoooooh that sounds like an excuse for more cake DD. 


Yay cake cake cakey cake.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:57

Archie: I am being very good and there is still half a carrot cake in the fridge if you'd like some. Otherwise I recommend the ginger biscuits and there is still three quarters of a terrys chocolate orange.


Mind you I've got three new session plans to design so don't count on the chocolate orange... 

chilli seed

Posted: Yesterday at 13:52

Staff: I've been told to soak my chilli seeds in cold black tea overnight before planting them (seems to help with germination rates) so get them planted: what have you got to loose? I am using seeds of plants of seeds of plants for three generations back.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:41

Hi Shirley!  If its your first year in the house you're best off keeping the garden tidy and seeing what appears! That way you get to learn what plants you already have (and so save money instead of rushing out to buy some) as well as where gets the sun / shade / wind so that you can plan it.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:06

ooooh I've found carrot cake!!

would you ???

Posted: Yesterday at 13:06

Ditch the grass (unless you want the fake stuff) it'll constantly struggle leaving you frustrated.

Like others have said a good tree surgeon would be a great start to see what light you can get for the garden. After that get on the internet and look for shade loving plants that suit your own style. 

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