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Posted: Today at 15:33
Edd wrote (see)

Hi Clarington.

Just got back yesterday and thought i would Wait till this morning to catch up on the posts on here. Its taken 9hrs and that does not include the 'HELLO FORKERS!' thread. I saw your comment on the vermicomposting and will respond soon i hope. I do so wish you did not have to buy worms!!!

Kind regards


Afternoon Edd! I hope you've had a lovely time away but 9 hours? Good lord we do chatter away don't we!

I don't mind the initial buying of worms - because I didn't have to buy the wormery and I wasn't sure if the horse poo worms were of the right variety so thought it best to play it safe this time (plus I brought some meal worms for my resident robin at the same time). I shall await your full reply with quiet excitement. I think I've found a suitable location for the wormery - sheltered by a wall and fence on two sides and a trellis over the top that the whisteria grows over in the summer so it wont get too hot.


What does a pond need for a good ecosystem

Posted: Today at 14:09

Glad it works Dove - it made a huge difference to our pond. You can see right to the fish poo covered bottom. I just hope our plants start growing soon to cover it up a little!

I stacked a lot of pebbles up on side of the pond this weekend so that wildlife can exit / enter the pond and there's a shallow enough area for birds to bathe. Hopefully we'll be able to get the timber ordered come pay day and that's the pond finished.


Posted: Today at 14:06

Days like today make me wish I could leave full time work.

Can't see that happening for another 40 years though!!


Oh well. I ought be terribly grateful that I at least have a job.

Kew Garden job cuts

Posted: Today at 14:02

What a shame these much beloved footballers of ours wont accept a lower living wage or donate some of that excessive cash to keeping worth while "projects" like KEW going.

 A bit like adopting a panda at the zoo. Only the footballer gets to adopt a gardener and pay their wages. I'm sure the staff wouldn't mind sending out cuddly toys and regular photograph / updates out if it meant they could keep their jobs.

What do you do or what did you do at work

Posted: Today at 13:17

20 OL? I've got forty minimum!!

Certainly can't see myself doing forty years here. For starts the fact that I'm reading this forum tells you a lots about my work load!


Posted: Today at 07:23

Mine look similar too!


Posted: Today at 07:22

Morning all! 

Similar feelings to Chicky - I need to work out a grand plan for early retirement!

plants to put in guttering

Posted: Yesterday at 16:56

I saw someone put salad and strawberries in their guttering on a wall which did look very pretty (I'm more a vegetable than flower person). But I imagine it would dry out really quickly which would be a pain in the rump unless you put in an irrigation system.

What do you do or what did you do at work

Posted: Yesterday at 16:54




Alas a humble draughtsman drawing up things to go on Marks oil rigs! I want to get out of the draughting job and retrain but I'm not sure in what. All my ideal jobs either don't pay well (and the mortgage puts paid to early retirement!!) Or are not really "suitable" for people with "bad backs".


Posted: Yesterday at 07:41

Morning Fairy & KEF!

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