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Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 16:10

Sweet dreams Pat.

I'm off shortly to collect his lordship from the train station. Looks like we've dodged the worst of the storms so far but it's looking set in now. Means I daren't leave puppy on his own in case it strikes while I'm gone as that wouldn't be fair on him. Unfortunately for his lordship so that I've space for the dog and his luggage I'm going to have to take the loud uncomfortable slow truck! Oh well.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 13:09

11?! Gosh Lizzie!! Glad she arrived safely, I hope mum is doing okay.

Has the sun come over to you Dove? It's just gone dark here; very wind and warm mind so I'm hanging on bringing everything back in til the last minute!

His lordship is back in the country. Sadly with all that s gone on I worry more for his final stretch of the journey than ever I did while he was 10,000 miles away. BA computer system going down certainly hasn't helped. I do feel for all those families going away for the half term to be effectively stranded at the airports the staff unable to do anything.

I'm declaring it too warm to iron shirts, so if he asks tell him I only washed them today and gosh they dried quickly ;)

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 12:16

Dove it's now what can only be described as furious sun shine; the kind that burns your toes through your shoes.

Everything has been thrown into the line we'll see how well it goes!

Guess I'll have to get my own cake ;) Glad to see your OH is so well trained. You must give us tips!

Watering tiny indoor plant pots: a solution!

Posted: Today at 12:13

That is such an elaborate oil can!

Watering tiny indoor plant pots: a solution!

Posted: Today at 11:31

Now for various reasons I am not the most delicate of people. I stumble, I fumble, and when watering my indoor plant pots I often splash and spill. The smaller the pot the worse the mess.

So look what clever idea I thought up to water my tiny cactus plant pots. The humble, available from all chemists, beloved by parents with young children, syringe.


Easy to use, makes it harder to over water, and mess free! 

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 10:48

Ob; you'd think he would be too tired to notice a speck of dust (or even too excited at seeing the dog again... oh and me) but unfortunately when he gets tired (and I imagine tomorrow will be a full day of grumping around the house) he gets a proper grump on and comments on everything.

Giving him a mop however just causes more trouble.

Wonky; take wet wipes with you so that you can clean yourself off and reapply sun cream throughout the day. Bonus if you pop them in the freezer for an hour before you leave for work they'll keep you nice and cool! I always do this when I go out for the day; even make them a little extra moist before freezing sometimes. They keep my drinks bottle cool and feel so nice on hit sweaty bits! 

The rain has arrived .... and promptly disappeared again. Can't decide whether to risk the laundry outside or nip to Doves!

Hmm... Dove does have cake...

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 07:40

Morning Dove! How is everything feeling? Not too sore I hope. Thank goodness for technology to keep your mind occupied when your body can't.

Morning Bushman! Didn't see you sneak in there.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Today at 07:38

Morning all. Just enjoying a mug of tea in bed then I really need to crack on with some house work before it gets too warm.

His lordship got on the plane at 01:00 this morning so I'm guessing a clear path to the shower and then bed for sleep is all he'll need.

Punkdoc; I am finding snails all over the place right now. Evidently all the frogs that live in the garden must be vegan. 

You've just prompted me to check the weather report! I knew we were expecting showers later on but it's been upgraded to thunderstorms (and at a completely different time to when they said it would rain). I'd better rethink my plans to have a big washing session! That'll teach me to save it all for the one day a week I get free electricity with my smart meter (Hosta would be proud; but still won't be using a tumble dryer though!)

Have a lovely day everyone.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 22:39

Dove when you're mended can you send him over here? It was beans and toast tonight! I just can never be bothered to cook something interesting when I'm on my own.

His lordship will be checking in around now but won't reach Yorkshire until 17:00 tomorrow. I don't envy that journey! Hopefully I will be woken up bright and early to make sure the house looks lovely. It at least looks tidy.

Suggestions for themed flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 18:44

Thank you everyone for your ideas; I'm heading off to Google now to look at them all (I am useless at plant names at the best of times!)

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