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HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Today at 18:16

Dove; my first attempt at taking a photo Reggie suddenly got the need to clean his willy.

Joyce; I've been trying to find workmen since May! I'm hoping this latest builder is THE CHOSEN ONE because I do not fancy learning brick work.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Today at 17:18

Current status of the lounge.

We've near filled the skip with the lounge and rubble from the garden. I don't think the previous occupants threw anything away including so many random lumps of concrete they'd thrown in the hedge?

Had to evict 40 frogs from one area alone. They're becoming a major tripping hazard!

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 21:56

Don't forget the toilet roll GWRS! Never move house without emergency toilet roll handy.

I've had to go back on water; tea was giving me funny effects! *twitch*

Took the hound on a 2 hour stroll through the countryside this evening. Ended up in another county! We'll all sleep well tonight.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 13:52

I was trying to wrack my brains as to what you meant by a quarter! Glad you're so easily sorted out.

I'm now sat at work. Unfortunately Fridays are never good days for teachers to contact so I'm looking a little lost in the corner of the room. I imagine like so many people they are winding up for the weekend of paperwork and marking and goodness knows what else they're expected to do that no one realises they always seem to be doing.

So I'm playing the "mentally work out where I can put the greenhouses". I don't like them where I had planned for them to go. I am hoping, just hoping, that this builder is THE ONE, and that he will magic up a slot in the next few weeks so that we can start work. Truth be told I don't even mind if we don't get the plastering done on all the rooms before Christmas if we can just have a house we can walk around without having to dodge the electrical cables and play squeeze between the piles of stuff that currently have no where to live.

Because, and I don't mean this in any kind of nasty way, but the famous paint supplier that often gets muddled up with a condom manufacturer have changed their range at least three times since we first started on the house and I'm getting a little fed up of having to keep finding out what fancy name they've called the deep blue I want this time (dark ocean with added shrimp, bluebell meadow on a dusky day, royal regetta sans pims... ITS BLUE GET IT. BLUE. DARK BLUE IF YOU WANT TO BE PICKY QUIT GETTING SO FANCY. YOUR PAINT GOES ON MY BATHROOM WALLS SO I CAN LOOK AT IT WHILE I PEE DON'T THINK YOU'RE ANYTHING SPECIAL).

Asbestos path

Posted: Yesterday at 13:00
raisingirl says:

Clarington says:

I've just had an asbestos garage taken down by asbestos specialists (£600 for anyone who thinks it'll cost thousands; I was quoted not much less for taking a similar sized non asbestos shed down!) They came and went and did a brilliant job leaving no mess and of course they protected the area they worked in.

See original post

Easier to take down a garage then dig up a path without releasing dust though.

It's not dangerous if you leave it alone. If you want it gone, get someone to quote and take their advice on what level of risk it is now.

Please don't take Frank's advice and DIY it. I don't know of any council who will remove asbestos rubble, or even double wrapped whole sheets - even supposing you could get it out without breaking it, which seems unlikely. Some recycling centre will take asbestos if it's properly bagged but all the ones around here charge for taking them and there is a strict limit on quantity. They won't take a path's-worth from you - maybe 3 rubble bags at most. So you will still have to pay a licensed disposal company and you may very well be prosecuted. The HSE take asbestos very seriously these days.

See original post

 Raisingirl: when I took an asbestos awareness course (for engineering industry) contractors are advised to spray water on the asbestos to damp it down while it is removed. This prevents (or at least limits) the dust being released into the atmosphere. I didn't mention this because of course it is much easier to contain water on a factory site than ones garden. The chaps who took my garage away did say they preferred a damp day as it kept things just moist enough so I imagine if they also use it as an option.

It is worth, should you want to go through the route of disposal and DIY (to be honest far too much effort in my eyes but then I do suffer from laziness) be sure to check your local councils website for advise. Mine for instance (above) tells you where to double bag and take the asbestos too.

Seed and Plant swap 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 11:07

Just found these in my seeds box if anyone wants them (please pm me if you do; my memory isn't great at remembering to check on here).

Seed and Plant swap 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 10:58


Half a packet here if you'd like it Wakeshine.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:06
Dovefromabove says:

 Hmm got in car and drove a mile then the engine management light came on.  I'm at the garage. The car is plugged into a computer!

See original post

 Oh cripes. I hope it's a reset job or something easy!

Another builder has been to quote, I'm now awaiting the skip to arrive so I can get rid of all the plaster. Between 08:00 - 12:00 is as accurate as you can get for a delivery time.

Builder seems a good chap; one of his lads actually lives next door. He's confirmed the family are as odd as we suspected and laughed when I mentioned sound insulation " his mam has some good lungs on her!"


HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:02
Dovefromabove says:

Today I have been mainly crushing grapes 

One kilo has been simmered in red wine with lemon and rosemary - now they are being strained in a jelly bag and tomorrow they will be transmogrified into Grape & Rosemary Jelly, and the other kilo will be crushed ready to be turned into Grape & Balsamic Jelly.

I need to buy more preserving sugar and jars ... I'm running out of saved small ones.  

As you say Obelixx, living with never ending renovations is very wearing (I used to be married to a builder).  Clari has enough 'stuff' impacting on her life, without renovations and car parts in every room.   I do think a bit of consideration is called for .........However, I am aware of people who think it perfectly reasonable to put car parts through the dish washer  

Last edited: 22 September 2016 13:49:51

See original post

 Oh you've seen in my dishwasher have you? Mmmmm lemony fresh winch kit.

Tea... TEA .. TEAAAAA!!!!!!!

I've had a mug and I'm twitching! FEEL THE CAFFEINE BURN THROUGH MY VEINS!! 

Asbestos path

Posted: Yesterday at 09:59

Donty. It's your garden; what you choose to do is entirely up to you. But Asbestos when undamaged and left well alone is safe. Once it starts to be drilled / damaged then the problems come. 

I've just had an asbestos garage taken down by asbestos specialists (£600 for anyone who thinks it'll cost thousands; I was quoted not much less for taking a similar sized non asbestos shed down!) They came and went and did a brilliant job leaving no mess and of course they protected the area they worked in.

You might be best if it's in good condition and you can cope with the height difference skimming over the top to cover the gap. But for peace of mind I recommend getting an asbestos company in to give you a free quotation for removal and disposal. (You can remove low grade asbestos yourself double bagging it and transporting it to certain recycling centres but certainly in my case it was easier and cheap enough to just get someone else to do it and keep my car clean!)

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