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Pond mystery solved

Posted: 06/04/2017 at 10:17

If It makes you feel better Dove I've been wondering why my pond has an off shimmer to it in one corner.

Turns out Reggie has been trying to pee up the developing rushes 

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 06/04/2017 at 07:37

Hosta; I think of my tea drinking time as "looking for inspiration online" ;)

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 06/04/2017 at 07:36

Oh I know it Dove, never stick to it but know it.

I have a feeling I'm also about to erupt with a bad cold so if the weather today could be glorious to speed up any germ killing properties my body may still have I'd be grateful.

The knees; we were going well til right before the end a nervous scout who had been clinging on to the edge all evening suddenly managed to get everything to click. She was doing really well... then hit the floor.

I rushed over to make sure she was okay and while trying to avoid someone else then fell... only to have a beaver who had been watching it all come over and crash in to me. 

I don't unfortunately have the option of keeping the curtains to the front of the house closed! Currently sporting rolled up pj bottoms.

Just found a Vine Weevil grub

Posted: 06/04/2017 at 07:30

Sheps; I'm not sure where you are based but I hope you didn't get the light frost we did this morning to ruin your efforts.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 06/04/2017 at 07:27

Morning all. After a busy couple of weeks (beaver camp at the museum one weekend followed by March recording that I have taught more children this year so far than I did in the whole of 2015, followed by working at the NEC practical classic car show the next weekend, followed by last night learning to ice skate with scouts... amongst all the house / job stuff) I have taken today and tomorrow off to ground myself. 

I was meant to be going to beamish for the steam weekend but I think, unfortunately, that sorting shirts and cleaning the bathroom and working out just why my freezer is full yet we never seem to have anything for dinner are higher on the to do list.

Unfortunately ice skating means my knees are so bruised and sore I'm not sure I can get trousers on so shopping and other leavjng the house type activities need to be reassessed. 

Keep the kettle on! My to do list currently sits at 22 things, non of which are quick to do for that smug satisfyingly tick.

Sorry I've Been AWOL

Posted: 05/04/2017 at 18:25

I shall be crossing all my crossables for you Dd!

Badger in my city garden

Posted: 03/04/2017 at 14:17


For live bird (and others food) I use this company: Wiggle Wigglers. I've never had a problem with the meal worm I purchase from them: all arrive alive and well and best of all if you don't fancy setting up your own meal worm farm or having a large quantity of them in a tub in the shed you can set up a subscription service to have as much or as little delivered as often as you like.


Hope it helps.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 03/04/2017 at 13:13

Afternoon all! Apologies for disappearing into the fresh spring sudden surge of fresh growth in the garden. Life is getting so busy right now!

My job is now up for grabs if anyone wants it:

Only its TWO JOBS! At least if I don't get through the interview process I know that who ever takes over wont be expected to do quite as much work as I do. Not that the boss has actually acknowledged to me just how hard I work. I'm sure my flowers and box of chocolates must be missing in the post.

I'm not sure yet whether to reapply. I'm looking at all my options and hopefully someone will want to employ me soon.

The house is starting to come on nicely too. Dare I say it... we have PAINT ON SOME OF THE WALLS! Only the first coat mind but its a start!

Hope you're all well. I will try to read back where I can.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 16/03/2017 at 19:30

Evening all. The weather seems to be turning; did my tomato seeds jinx it?

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 16/03/2017 at 09:33

Punkdoc; your other half sounds very sensible! 

DON'T let your skills go to waste but DO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. You are no good to anyone if you were to get over there and need help yourself if you burnt out. For the next month focus on getting yourself physically healthy again. Then you can decide what to do next.

My day off is going well. We're down to two sockets and the stove fitter is unwell so won't be appearing today. They have offered if I sit around all day they will see if they can squeeze me in. This is not how I wanted to spend my one day "off" til the end of the month and I still need that birthday gift for grandma!

Put my first batch of tomato seeds in this morning, more will go in as required. Of course being sensible I carefully laid everything out... and dropped the labels so we've no idea which one was what.

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