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Blogs to keep us contented over the wet wintery weather

Posted: 03/01/2014 at 15:42

Gosh these blogs really make you remember there's such a variety when it comes to gardens!


Posted: 03/01/2014 at 11:33
John Harding wrote (see)
Great news for me - at least, hospital says I can go home today


Blogs to keep us contented over the wet wintery weather

Posted: 03/01/2014 at 11:27

Clueless posting about his impatience to get into the garden got me thinking. Its wet, its cold, its dark, its too long until Spring! So what do we do when we're stuck inside? We sit on the internet "oooohing" and "aahhing" at other people's gardens while jotting down ideas and the names of plants to put into your own garden (surely I'm not the only one to have lost several hours doing this!)

Now we know Clueless has a delightful wee blog and I've seen a few others mention they record the seasons of their garden online too. But I started to wonder who else secretly types away their notes never revealing their enthusiasm to the greater public.

So consider this thread (because I couldn't find another one like it) chance to shout out your blog web address so that we can satisfy our cravings for all things garden!

I started a blog here: as somewhere to put my ramblings and sort out ideas in my head as somehow writing things down works much better for me than bouncing ideas as the back of my partners head.

I look forward to your offerings!


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 16:27

Oh the power of the internet. I can sit in my break supping hot chocolate (the tea here is awful) and order myself a new pond liner (saving £182.55 which effectively buys me the pump and filter plus maybe a plant or two) for the garden pond design (revision six - now over a thousand pound cheaper to satisfy partners grumping about the needing a new kitchen).

Its all too easy.

I just hope my calculations are right and that it'll fit on the roof of my car (its only a short journey home at least). Volvo estates are fine beasties I do so wish I'd brought that nice 110 Land Rover!

I'm so so bored stiff

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 11:01

Sounds like you've plenty to keep you busy Clueless!


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 10:55

Oh fidgetbones I'm really sorry to hear about your mother in law. I hope the doctors can keep her comfortable and calm until she decides the time is right.

How lovely she has her family around her, I'm sure its of great comfort to her knowing that someone is holding her hand even if she isn't always aware who they are (Alzheimers does seem steal the most important memories from you). That's one thing that upset me about the old ladies in the nursing home with my grandfather - they never had visitors or people to come and hold their hand (or in the case of one visit I had there spend an enlightening hour while Grandfather snoozed discussing how the very toppless model from page three had such lovely hair).


Keep safe.


I hope the sun I can see peeking through the blinds is warming everyone just a little.


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 07:00

Hope you're okay this morning Chicky!!


Back at work today for me, I really must put more effort into finding a way to magically pay off the mortgage and leave me with enough to live off so that I can retire. 40 years of staring at a computer screen is going to kill me 

I'm so so bored stiff

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 06:55

I feel your pain Clueless.  I want to be out in my Christmas wellies making my three vegetable patches but I can't.  My Christmas wellies have failed to appear and the land designated for the vegetable patches must wait until my partner has finished his man shed (March at this rate) so that he can use it as a dumping ground for soil / wood / man shed type things!

Now I'm back at work its guaranteed to cheer up weather wise (new office so I don't even get a window to look out of) so I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else gets up too!

What are you planning on growing this year?


Bill - its been a couple of years since I've had to worry about power outages on a regular basis but I was amazed when our water was cut for several hours the other day just how quickly you get used to the idea of it always being there! How do you cope?


Posted: 01/01/2014 at 18:55

Hope you keep safe & upright Chicky!!

Positive thoughts and silly things for the tough times

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 18:55

I wish I were a glow worm

A glow worms never glum

How can you be unhappy

When the sun shines out your bum?





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