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Posted: 12/07/2016 at 08:26

Lily; not that exciting! A breaker bar is a 1 metre solid bar for undoing stubborn nuts. Brilliant for lorries wheel nuts even better for steam roller tubes. Breaker because it often breaks nuts, bolts, and knuckles.

Most would consider it a potential offensive weapon if found in the back of a Volvo estate!

The big red keys the police use I struggle to pick up! 

I hope your (& your daughters) journey are uneventful.

What's Your Most Self-Indulgent Unnecessary "Toy?"

Posted: 12/07/2016 at 07:12

My dehydrator I brought with the sole purpose of making dog treats!


Posted: 12/07/2016 at 07:09

Dove; your alarm reminds me of the time I got to work first to find the alarm going off. A woman from across the road rushed out and screamed at me about how the alarm had been going off all night. I let her screech away before asking if she had called the police.

She looked at me like I was an idiot as I pointed out that not only had she just addmited to aiding any burglar by not calling the police (something I'd be sure to pass on to them) but that the police have the key holders contact details and we could have nipped over and turned it off.

I reached into my car pulled out some nitrile gloves (to not disturb any evidence) and a huge breaker bar (for protection) before entering the building to disable the alarm (and anything else I might find)... never have I seen a woman in a dressing gown move so quickly!

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Posted: 12/07/2016 at 07:02

Morning all. Sat in bed drinking my floor sweeping tea preparing for another day of phoning schools. I'm so grateful for this funding but announcing it one week before schools break up isn't ideal for getting the news out! Most schools will have already got themselves sorted for next year :/

The news on the radio unsettles me.


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 20:36

night hosta! hope you sleep tonight.


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 17:36


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 14:22

I heard someone mention cake?

That's all the primary schools in Sheffield called. Now for a change of scenery: I'm phoning secondary schools!

DD what do you mean you're beginning to think me quite mad? I'm surpised its taking you so long! Enjoy your trip out: even if it is to the supermarket. I shall sit here in rainy yorkshire hoping you at least get fresh air, beautiful views, comical men on bicycles...

Oooh the traffic warden has appeared and is now liberally applying his stuff all over the badly parked car that's been sat on the pavement all day (just next to a sign that indicates no parking at any time on the footway). I was just considering calling the police to see if it had been stolen / abandoned (cars used to park there all the time but after a local building company when rather over the top with so many trucks on it you couldn't see the pavement much less safely use it the council slapped a sticker on them all). I can't handle the excitement!

Hello my name is Clarington from the National....


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 11:44

PlantPauper: since I've been told to go forth and cure myself the stick tea is all I have this month unless I want to resort back to my liquid only diet. And not the good liquids. Its complain and warm water all the way!

Can you imagine a life without crunchy salad? Or biscuits? Or.... *sobs* steak???

Hosta: well done on the 10 hours sleep! Now just keep waving the chain saw around its obviously working.

Four pages of schools phoned. 25 pages to go. I've had to stop for a break I fear I'll turn into a parrot! "Hello my name is Clarington phoning you on behalf off...."


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 11:40

Lynne. I'm not sure Monty is available right now so I'll try and help instead.

Firstly: decide that vegetables you ACTUALLY EAT. There's no point growing enough strawberries in hanging baskets to stock Wimbledon if no one eats them: trust me on this (anyone want any strawberries??)

Cut and come again lettuce is fast growing and will live happily in seed trays which could satisfy your grandchildrens curiosity and naturally short attention span. You should be able to find plenty of different varieties / colours easily too.

Had it been spring I'd have been suggesting tomatoes (grow happily in a bag or bucket and you can get miniature varieties like tumbling toms which while small have one hell of a strong taste. Chillies would also be a good one although they take a long time to harvest but being in a terrace means that if you plant in early spring you should be lucky with the shelter of the building creating protect from the frosts and cold that hamper their growth.

Think also about the likes of basil, mint, parsley, and other herbs that will happily sit in in a pot (on the windowsill in some cases) and can be cut and left to regrow several times over.

Tell us what fruit and vegetables you like and we'll see if we can suggest which are suitable!


Posted: 11/07/2016 at 07:26

I did indeed Dove! It's a blend of dried vegetables and berries so at least not tripe flavoured. I wanted to know how strong a taste it had while weaning him on to it so I could work out roughly how much I could sneak in before he'd notice and turn his nose up.

I'm not above chewing on (good quality) training treats in a bid to make him realise that they were food!

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