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Posted: 03/01/2016 at 09:01

DD don't throw all the toys away, I have nothing from my childhood (oddly my parents kept a fair amount of my brothers toys), no toys, no school books, and since my family weren't really keen on taking photos, very little evidence that I even existed between the years 3 - 21. Since my memory was reformatted after an accident I've struggled to fill in this huge gap in my life but even my fit healthy brother can't to tell me what toys I had.

Maybe I really was put in a bubble. 


We're taking the decorations down today but I'm already on a mission to find a way to redecorate the house with some colour to cheer the rooms back up. We're in various states of redecorating / demolition and once the festive cheer goes the house feels so empty. 

There is already muscari in a pot (I had forgotten about and found in the greenhouse now) flowering away in the kitchen and my little orange trees in the bedroom full of fruit but I may need to explore the garden centre for more ideas.


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 08:50

Oh Hosta that sounds awful! I hope your passenger gets a suitably sized boot to the chops to knock some sense into them.

I'm still in bed: a terrible cold descended on me yesterday and I feel shocking. Even my tail hurts! His lordship is running around the house tidying up what I couldn't yesterday as he has friends arriving soon.

Who was it that said they wanted to be back at work? I have to confess I feel similar! I should be off for most of January but I can see myself working next week. His lordship didn't book any time off so we could go anywhere (don't have any friends who live nearby) and at least at work there's someone to make me a cup of tea.

Right, I must try to get out of bed. My bladder wont let me rest any longer!


Posted: 01/01/2016 at 07:47

Morning Pat!

Happy New Year everyone!

We've got our first frost of the year!


Posted: 31/12/2015 at 19:30

The fire works have just started, puppy is not at all happy.

Pauline: I'll book us in for diabetes testing for next week right? Thank goodness we don't need to drink all the Christmas alcohol I've got enough mulled wine here to drown a pony.

Forget the winter, wot you gettin?

Posted: 31/12/2015 at 19:29

Well since my partner is going to pretty much destroy the garden in the grand designs garage / workshop I already have in my wheelbarrow (online alas) waiting ....

1 x dwarf quince

1 x apple Sally

1 x cherry sunburst gisela

1 x champagne 1 x Victoria rhubarb

1 x lakemont grape

A selection of asparagus

1 x brown turkey fig


Which will go towards covering the brick work / second greenhouse that I have been assured will be put up once the major building work is finished.

Oh, not to mention the CHICKEN RUN he promised me almost two years ago.


That'll keep me occupied for a few weeks


Posted: 31/12/2015 at 18:57

Punk: Let me know if you find anything, I'm thinking of downloading a movie as nothing looks appealing on my (rather half hearted) tv browsing earlier.

It's traditional to *have* to eat all the Christmas chocolate* before midnight, right?


*two terry chocolate oranges

* one box of Lindt chocolate balls


Posted: 31/12/2015 at 18:31

It seems I forgot to push the submit button this morning as I lay curled up in bed with his lordship (he'd had a very unsettled night and so was snoring away at 09:30).

We have been getting a little involved in our DIY. What started as a lets replace the awful floor in the bathroom is now a 

- lets remove the floor (sink and bathroom in the garden, bath in the hallway)

- and re-plumb everything (what a tangle it was under there! Just a shame no one will see the piece of art it is now)

- let's put a heated towel rail in (more plumbing and a full drain and flush of the heating system... well while you're there you may as well)

- oh! We can remove that awful gloss off the ceiling too...

Thank goodness we have our trusty outside loo.

This evening will be spent consuming gammon and baby potatoes, drinking cider, and falling asleep long before midnight!

Happy New Year Everyone

Posted: 31/12/2015 at 18:16

Happy New Year All! 

I'm sat working on projects for work while the dog snores at my feet and my partner rips the house apart. Its not exactly rock and roll but its more comfortable!


(Don't worry the cider is in the fridge).

If you have an interest in autism

Posted: 30/12/2015 at 08:22

Cheers Dove.

I get to meet many many different people through work and have to confess that the most fun times have been with autistic and "lower ability" groups rather than the bright privately educated polite schools you'd expect. We can bring lessons to life in ways you'd never imagine purely because something needs to be explained in a different way or perhaps we all just need to climb in the back of a fire engine to smell the fire fighter. 

I hate hate HATE when a teacher introduces a child to me as "he's austistic" or "she's down syndrome".... no he's James who really likes dinosaurs and she's Becky who signs like a pro and has a wicked sense of humour.

It becomes a mission of mine with every child who has a workshop with me to make their teacher surprised at their abilities. I just wish teachers had the time and support available to them to get to know each student of theirs with their own quirks.


Posted: 30/12/2015 at 08:06

Dove; the neighbours builder was politely told that using the main stop tap in the street isn't appropriate (cuts water to four houses) when there's a perfectly good one house stop tap by the back door.

Mind you I'm just grateful it wasn't anything serious!

Funny you say about showering in the rain though: yesterday we ripped up the old flooring in the bathroom to replace it with some new.

Today we'll be ripping *everything* out so that we can put things back in properly (because we don't need to worry about having electricity to do that: Frank is proving very spirited here).


Pat I'm glad your husband is safe.

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