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Posted: 13/02/2014 at 09:11

KEF - the green house is fine, though I am now a little more keen to move the rest of the top soil mountain as I am a little worried it might collapse with any more rain and go tumbling through. Fortunately the garden seems to have survived just fine - I was very worried about the apple tree (since the ground has been disturbed nearby with the pond going in and I've dug all the top soil around one side to replenish it with new and feed it) but a fallen tree would be nothing compared to what others are going through. I am however very grateful to have hedges through most of the back garden - we drove past the house where we used to live not long ago to find the fences had finally succumbed to the weather and had disappeared down the road.

Plenty of rubbish from the neighbours has made it into the front garden (they don't seem to like sealing their rubbish with a lid so it often makes for an escape) so looks like that'll be this evenings job to tidy up.

Please keep safe everyone - this is no weather to be making undue risks for!

Cats in the graden

Posted: 13/02/2014 at 07:18

We've been having a problem with the neighbours cat and I'm finding using short canes in freshly dug soil and scaring the cat off when we're in the garden is having a positive effect Even though we both work full time.

When the vege garden is finished I'll be using chicken wire too keep the cats away.



Posted: 13/02/2014 at 07:13
4thPanda wrote (see)

It is a lovely place Clari. How unfortunate that they do that a lot  

Have you changed your avatar? I like the pic (apologies if you haven't, still a lovely pic though!) 

Fortunately we don't take the train too often but it does make it a little "exciting" sometimes!

I don't think I've changed it! It should still be last years strawberry flower thank you. 


Posted: 13/02/2014 at 07:07

Morning all.

Hoping you all had an untroubling night. I'm yet to go and check the greenhouse is still in one piece.  Hopefully today will be a quiet one.  As the radio just said - 1 down, 2 (storms) to go.


Posted: 12/02/2014 at 21:06
4thPanda wrote (see)

Thanks ladies  We are cutting out Market Harborour (sp?) so hopefully that will make up some time 

PM'd you back Kef 

Market Harborough.  Lovely place but thr trains have a habit of not stopping there when they're running late making it damned inconvenient for those of us who have family there!


Posted: 12/02/2014 at 19:15
Wind is picking up here & we're having it mind to the rest of the UK.

Torch & candles waiting for any power cuts. Expecting many trees down tomorrow.

Keep safe!!

New to growing veg

Posted: 12/02/2014 at 15:25

Lynne, what are you thinking of growing this year?

I'm only using the sowing dates on the packets as a guideline as I'm sure the weather varies so much across the country - certainly last year my mother (100 miles South) was filling the conservatory with tomato plants creeping up the windows while mine were still sat shivering in pots looking very tiny. Plants seem to find their own way and catch up when the weather is right.

Damage to moss

Posted: 12/02/2014 at 15:19

Peanuts - What coincidence I've just dug up the moss around my apple tree so that I COULD feed the tree (half of its root system will be covered in weed matting and slate).

I've used slow release fertiliser and dug in new top soil (which we dug out of the garden when we made the hole for the pond).

Here's to happy trees in 2014!!

Get if off your chest.

Posted: 12/02/2014 at 15:08

Re the young lad who had just brought his first house.

Fortunately, unless he has spun a dodgy deal or was unable to get flood cover (unlikely since I don't think it was a well known flood area), mortgage companies wont hand over the cash until you've got what they consider adequate insurance in place. Something we've just been through as we had to send the policy paperwork over to our solicitor before they could complete the sale.

I just hope that in order to save some cash he didn't then cancel it once he got the keys.


Posted: 12/02/2014 at 14:57

It's all good Dove I can report the sun is now out! They'll have chance to escape the horrors of the cakes.

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