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Posted: 20/04/2015 at 14:07

Does action womam take afternoon naps? 

GW T&M Free Lavender offer.

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:59

I brought plug plant lavenders last year. They're now around 1 inch - 2 inchs tall and due a repot soon. Don't expect too much from these for a while!


Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:44

Bekkie the smoke house is a training aid we use for both school children AND fire service recruits to show you in realistic conditions how to escape from a burning building (or in the case of the fire service what you're going to running IN TOO). We were at an event celebrating the 999 services so took it out to stretch its legs. Fortunately I know my way around it blindfolded to the smoke conditions doesn't bother me.

After weeks wondering and searching for our fishes we decided they'd all been taken by the heron. So today I took a trip out to pick up some replacements (my partner requested albino grass carp) ... guess who greeted us upon our return! Four goldfish acting like they'd been there all along. I hope they all get along.,.

I also came back with a scirpus cernuus plant to add evergreen colour to the pond and I've plans for a few more when wallet allows to create a floating island and help with shading the pond in the summer. How come I'm never inspired by a trip to the supermarket? 

Having learnt about carnivorous plants being grown in the UK outside in summer months I'm tempted to give it a go in a large pot I can move inside as required. Does anyone have any experience? 

Small cucumbers. And pumpkins.

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 07:14

Munchkin pumpkins from Sarah Raven.


Posted: 20/04/2015 at 07:14

very foggy here. But since I spent most of yesterday in a smoke house so even the tiniest hint of daylight is welcome! 

Have a lovely Monday all x


Posted: 18/04/2015 at 21:37

Sweet dreams all. I've a long day at work tomorrow in a simulation smoke house so will be in pitch black all day - save me some sunshine for Monday! 


Posted: 18/04/2015 at 19:45

Now the sun is disappearing (I'm sat in the lounge writing risk assessments - day off what not?!) It is definitely getting cold despite the warm laptop. I do however have Raynaulds Syndrome and am generally very cold blooded.

Unfortunately his lordship will not be content to have the heating on so as soon as is socially acceptable I will be under my "comfort" blanket!

Mystery plant - possibly Orchid?

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 19:44

Thanks all! I didn't even think of hyacinth. No idea where its come from its sat on a pile of rubble looking very sorry for itself.

Unpleasant adverts

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 19:43

Ad blocker is the way forward! I am currently getting adds for:

iflorest (I looked at sending mother dearest flowers but choked at the price)

Marks and Spencers knickers (I looked at their selection of bras as these boulder holders are getting rather strained - dash it chocolate!)

And the RSPB

Suddenly my life feels a little boring!

Mystery plant - possibly Orchid?

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 16:39

having technical difficulties. 

I found this little plant in the wild* area of my garden. It looks beautiful and I would like to move it to a more stable (I.e. Not where my greenhouse is going) home. Can anyone telk me what it is so I can find out what conditions it likes best?


Thank you!


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