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Posted: 29/07/2016 at 11:28

Ooh that's useful to know Dove! I nearly brought a lamb the other day (fear not it had already been despatched) but I decided to be terribly sensible because I wasn't sure my butchery skills would be up to it! 

Right so we have :

head chief: Wonky

Tester: Dove (well if shes as good as you say you'll be happy to be first there with your fork)

Camera: KEF

Gritty gardener with torn jeans: Clarington

Assistant gardener / destroyer of seedlings: Reggie

Slug dispatcher: anyone?? You can decide whether to use the beer or to drink the beer and use the chop sticks!


Posted: 29/07/2016 at 10:50

I quite like the idea of showing how to use the food you're growing! I haven't watched the programme yet owing to lack of a television in the house while we are renovating. All too often we see on this website keen gardeners appearing filled with the dream of self sufficiency and never having to trek around Tesco again (I don't blame them). I wonder how many actually are able to use all the food they provide. 

My personal opinion however is that this would be better as some spin off programme: a gardening / cooking mix up (like Riverside cottage but less pretentious) and leaving Gardeners World for the pretty flowers and grand designs of (again my opinion) predominately southern gardens.

If anyone in Gardeners World wants to take up this idea and need a wee lass with a bit of Northern grit, bad soil, weeds, whose dog helps dig up the seedlings when no one is watching, gets the odd snow shower in May, and whose kitchen is basic so you'll be eating real food with the slugs washed off rather than some fancy meal where you need twelve different utensils, give me a shout I'd be happy to host. You can pay me in seeds and the occasional bare root fruit tree!

Hmm... perhaps I ought set up my own YouTube account and start this myself. KEF how are you at holding a video camera? Dove I'll hire you in as head cook! Wonky: get over here and be my partnering host!


Posted: 29/07/2016 at 10:15
Lantana says:

Hosta, agree re making pesto on GW. Seemed a bit odd.

Clari, in the past we've had a couple of dogs with very sensitive stomachs but I can't say I ever thought of dehydrating bulls' bits Ok, so I know I've got a weird imagination but I now have this mental picture of a line of them pegged up on the washing line to dry out in the breeze....Maybe it's too early in the morning for me....ignore me,....of course you dehydrate them in the airing cupboard like everyone else

See original post

 Ha ha! Fear not Lantana I have a special dehydrator machine I use so the neighbours wont have to wonder what's on the washing line. Its a brilliant bit of kit: slightly addictive though!

Plant Pauper: they really are huge things. I mean I know a bull is big but these could cause some serious injuries bouncing around if they ran at you!

I'm sat in my classroom now, the museum awaiting its first visitors. I don't blame them for staying away Sheffield is looking very grey and moist today.

Barbadensis Miller- Aloe Vera Medicinal Plant

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 10:12

Plant Pauper: I have given most of my family one, some of them (like Grandma who is getting a little clumsy) several so she can alternate and them recover after pruning. I even have one in my "office space" (a cupboard full of education equipment, Christmas decorations, and so so many fire uniforms).

Non of my neighbours seem inclined with the green finger (but all have small children so I don't blame them for having untidy gardens in the slightest: I can barely cope just looking after a dog much less a child where you can't put them in a cage for time out apparently!) So I don't know what they'd think to me delivering them one as well.

They are so useful though: and easy to care for!


Posted: 29/07/2016 at 08:29

Punk; if they're not yours don't worry!

I make all my dogs meals as, like me, he has a very sensitive stomach. I feel so sorry for my partner sometimes as you can stick anything on his plate and he'll eat it while the dog and I get carefully prepared lots of thought and attention going into them meals!

The rain has arrived and I'm hearing of lots of crashes (& a gunman on the loose) on my route to work. I think I'll wait here a while!

Barbadensis Miller- Aloe Vera Medicinal Plant

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 07:20

Does anyone in the Sheffield area want an Aloe Vera?


Posted: 29/07/2016 at 07:17

Morning all!

I'm afraid I use a local lad Dove so can't really recommend anyone. Good luck getting it all sorted.

Partner is off with the dog to see his parents tonight: I have the delights of knocking more plaster off the walls. It will at least see the lounge completely stripped so we can start on the rewiring. Slow process but I'm hoping the fact that we're looking at light fittings hope of something other than a train at the end of the tunnel!

I also have the delights of slicing bull testicles so that I can dehydrate them as dog treats; it'll be a very rock and roll evening! 😁

Have a great day everyone!


Posted: 27/07/2016 at 07:10

Morning all.

How big a mug of coffee would you like Dove?

Daily wildlife moments

Posted: 26/07/2016 at 22:08

After fearing the worst (seeing two squashed hedgehogs on the road) I'm pleased to report that have seen both little and large visiting the garden individually. Whether they're the same little and large from earlier this year I don't know but I'm determined to start demanding the hedgehog house his lordship promised me two years ago now!!

Beer traps

Posted: 26/07/2016 at 21:56

I can't drink beer so at least don't have the issue of wasting the good stuff but I did catch 12 slugs and a frog one night. After that I stopped using them as I felt so sorry for the frog (very much alive and kicking).

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