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Baby pigeon

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 15:20

Tootles - you'll find that city birds cheep a lot louder than country birds. They've evolved as it were to be heard over the traffic so I'm sure they'll be fine!

Giving seeds as gifts

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 15:08

What about just using seed envelopes?

Baby pigeon

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 15:07

Most likely its a fledging (as you say it was the size of a small adult) fresh from the nest and needed to work on its flying skills a little. Its parents will be nearby watching it and will have mostly likely returned the moment you disappeared.

You did the right thing.


Posted: 24/06/2014 at 10:09
MrsGarden wrote (see)

Clari - garden fork? an old one?

You don't want me wasting the rum do you? I think there's a few broken bricks in the garden maybe they'll do!


Posted: 24/06/2014 at 09:42
MrsGarden wrote (see)
Who needs romance when there's a job to be done, a shovel should do it.
Shower, hair wash every night and Vaseline up the nose for hayfever sufferers ( just an excuse to wake him up).

I'm not damaging my favourite shovel Mrs. G! I might try late on Wednesday night - bonus being if he says no I get the bed (and the fan) to myself. MMmmmm nice cool bed ideal with this heat! I can also weaken him with rum and coke

I tried giving him Vaseline one year - you should have seen the mess it makes of pillow slips and handkerchiefs. Normally Piriton works fine but he seems to be struggling at the moment. Very glad that I don't get hayfever it seems awful! The lad behind me at work is really struggling - I know this because I've started buying him tissues and hayfever tablets!!


Posted: 24/06/2014 at 09:32

Hope your mother improves soon Pdoc!!


Posted: 24/06/2014 at 09:30

Mike. (I hope you're sitting comfortably - this'll be a long post!!)

There are many things that could be making you feel like this; medication, a virus that's festering just under the surface, or - as happens to many of us - your emotions reacting perfectly normally to everything that has happened to you. You've realised you're not super human, I know it amazes us all but you've every right to feel afraid. You're an educated man you know exactly what COULD happen to you. You know to fear pain because it could mean problems. We would all expect these thoughts - even unknowingly - to be wandering around your head in the background festering, because truth be told we'd be worried if they weren't.

Yes bad stuff has happened. And it will take time for you to move on from this. Life is going to be very weird for a while.

I need you to call your doctor today - tell him how your feeling, all of it, even things you might not think worth troubling him with (they can often find clues in the strangest of places). He can then run tests if he thinks them necessary.

Also. I need you to remember that your muscles will have wasted a little while you were at home resting. Believe me it really doesn't take very long for muscles to get weak. I was hospitalised as a teenager for less than a week pretty much bed bound the entire time and even if I wanted to walk I could only do a few laps of the ward before I was tucked back into bed because I was "disturbing the other patients". Before that I was cycling at least 20 miles a day, on my feet all day at work, and walking the neighbours dog 10 miles in the evening - super fit and full of that cockiness only a teenage girl who drove a tractor before a car can have.


Even a month later I was still struggling to walk the neighbours dog just a few miles without having to stop for rests or have a nap to recover afterwards - I couldn't even get my bike out of the village as there was a steep hill that near killed me! I don't think I returned to full fitness for at least six months. And yes, it scared me, really scared me, especially when I found myself exhausted and needing to rest for three days just because I'd gone to the cinema with friends the night before.

But you know what really threw me? My BRAIN IS A MUSCLE TOO. And after weeks of being sat at home "recovering" relying entirely on my mother and my collection of books to feed and entertain me, having my routine dictated by hospital appointments, alarms to take drugs, not really seeing anyone, my brain had gone into a partial shut down. Coping with the outside world was now a challenge, when the woman at the counter asked me a question I had to REALLY think about an answer rather than just accepting what I was given, the idea of coping with cash horrified me it simply was too much for me to comprehend. I can remember thinking about how bright the outside world was - so garish and nasty as though everything was over saturated.


Even if the doctor signs you off as absolutely fine don't expect to be able to do quite as much as you used too. Not just yet. You need to build up yourself over time, set yourself little goals of very slowly getting back into your own routine baby stepping all the way. Remind yourself of what you used to do - groups you used to go to, be them gardening, Church, or simply visiting the museum for tea and cake.


Mentioning Church - does your group have a counselling service? I was very much helped by my local C of E Churches counselling group after my accident. They were all volunteers from all areas of life who went on a training course. They didn't mind if you were there because you'd been referred by your GP because you were having issues with alcohol or drugs, or whether you were just lost and afraid.
They were awesome. They did


Posted: 23/06/2014 at 22:23
fidgetbones wrote (see)

Well it should rain now, I've just spent 2hours watering. Everything damp and watering cans filled. I'm off to work tomorrow so early night for me.

Fear not I gave everything in the garden a liberal soaking - left a few in buckets overnight for a really drenching so it's guaranteed t rain now.

MrsGarden wrote (see)
im expecting a delivery by Friday, not plants, not a vase, just a couple of crates of wine
Reminds me - has anyone had the GW la enders delivered yet?



(He's gone to bed Mrs.G - full of hayfever and snotty, not even slightly romantic! )


Posted: 23/06/2014 at 18:23
Panda, Dove - I thought not. Trouble is my hearing is so good my brain can't cope with it all!

No rain here yet - shall I coax it over this way with a watering can?

Mrs. Gardener expect a panicky pm very sooon!!!!!


Posted: 23/06/2014 at 17:37
Would any one else assume that when giving a person a hearing test they'd use a room where you couldn't get distracted by:
- computer fans running
- a light that clicks on and off
- where you can hear a screaming child next door making it hard for us to talk much less me to see if I can hear the delicate beeps and buzzes!

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