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Posted: 25/04/2015 at 18:43

Evening all. Just finished the day shift now preparing myself (relaxing in the office eating chocolate) for the night shift (a ghost hunt). I was very happy to see it raining earlier although it didn't seem to hang around very long My poor garlic wasn't looking happy first thing they could do with a good drink!


Starting to get very dark over Sheffield but I'm not sure if its rain or just night time. We could really do with a cracking thunderstorm to really stir things around: wonder if the "ghost hunters" will agree with me? Bless them we have a chatty bunch here it'll be interesting to hear whose around tonight.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


Posted: 25/04/2015 at 07:30

Morning all. Long day at work today  so have a great one!


Posted: 24/04/2015 at 12:59

Just remember guys we are due a Bank Holiday soon - and not only am I working all bank holiday BUT I'll also be camping (i.e. fields) AND in an inflatable smoke house (i.e. a GIT to pack away when wet). That's got to be worth a small monsoon?


Posted: 24/04/2015 at 07:26

I'm in Mrs Gs camp! The water butt is lowing very low. 


Posted: 24/04/2015 at 07:24

Oh DD I hope he feels better soon!


Posted: 23/04/2015 at 08:01

So misty out there I can't see the greenhouse.  

Happy Saint George Day!


Posted: 22/04/2015 at 06:30

Morning all. His lordship left at 04:00 today and the dog and I have been unable to settle since: I think it'll be an early night all round! Knee is too bad to take advantage of these extra hours so we're making quite the wish list.


Posted: 21/04/2015 at 22:57

Came upstairs to find my orange tree has dropped its leaves


chilli peppers

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 18:33

 My chillies so far. I had real difficulties with germination owing to a certain Lordship who kept turning the propagator off (then add flu and suddenly its almost May!) so I only have Scotch Bonnet and Jalapenos.


Posted: 21/04/2015 at 18:26

Evening all. 

Verdun - I have the stocks they can be brought back into commission so very very easily.


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