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Plant Swap

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 16:48

I found out about this website called :// from here many months (a year?) ago . But does anyone use it? I'm trying between the showers to use it as a log to keep details of what plants I have in the garden (you don't have to offer plants to swap / sell) as well as nosing around local gardeners to see what seems to be working in their garden (think; let someone else work out the local climate!)

I wonder if it would be possible to add a Gardeners World type group on it to help any comments fusion when offering our swaps. That would be good!

How to grow your own Thai curry ingredients and cut down on food miles

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 11:18

Ladybird: I did the same last year (we all have to get our thrills somehow!) and it was ever so interesting to watch. Slow growing but I'm going to try again when the greenhouses are set up correctly for a longer process.

Sometimes I find the growing part much more fun than actually eating it.


Posted: 24/07/2016 at 11:13

Just retreated inside to watch some GP Pre waffle. I'm afraid I'm giving up with the front garden and will be investing in some weedkiller: the block paving is doing my fruit loops in.


Posted: 24/07/2016 at 07:34

Send the rain over here. I can't cope with the heat; due to my broken bits I neither sweat nor glow.

I go plum coloured and fall over!

At least you won't need to water the pots today with a little rain. Means more time for just enjoying.

His lordship hasn't slept well the past few days so last night I aimed the huge fan at him and put it on full bore. He might have frost bite in a few toes but he's still asleep and I dare not move less I disturb him!


Posted: 24/07/2016 at 07:25

I hope you have air con Hosta fan!


Posted: 23/07/2016 at 21:23

I've just had a peanut butter sandwich Fairy; makes yours sound positively extravagant!

Breezy hole is on my rump; I was careful how I positioned myself! (They're so soft and cool to wear)


Posted: 23/07/2016 at 20:49

Why is it your neighbours always seem to nip over to borrow tools and discuss what size tyres / wheels I think would be best on their new vehicle FIFTEEN minutes after you decide to ditch the smart clothes and go for the scruffy pj trousers with a breezy hole in and one of your (much bigger than you) partners t shirts ?? 

(I've recommended 19" if it interests).

I nearly didn't open the door but it's a bit obvious when he knows my car is on the drive!

I did get puppy cuddles with his *tiny* hound. I swear it's the size of Reggies head!

I've realised with the over night temperatures I may as well put the washing out overnight and have it ready to dry / nearly dry come morning than rush around first thing. I hope this isn't just optimistic thinking.

"It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas"

Posted: 23/07/2016 at 20:14

My mother does card making like this.

I was allowed to help for all of five minutes before the glue and tiny scissors were removed from my reach!

Amazing talent and patience!!


Posted: 23/07/2016 at 19:08

95% sniffle free!

Attempting to vacuum the house with the car vacuum cleaner as the Dyson is still awaiting repairs. I am going to have bruises on my knees but I can't stand the mess anymore.

Just stopped to give puppy his dinner (we're home alone tonight) as he was giving me the hungry chunder faces then I'll try and vacuum the bedroom. 

What are all the cool kids doing on a Saturday night?


Posted: 23/07/2016 at 18:03

Oh Stevie! How awful to get chicken pox on holiday. My friends child is just recovering from it and this heat did not make it fun. Have you not had it yet? Keep up the vitamins and hope the sniffles retreat!

My big sister got engaged today! Haven't spoken to her yet as she's on a holiday. What a lovely way to cheer up a Saturday.

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