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When do bay trees grow?

Posted: 07/01/2016 at 12:08


If they haven't grown any green leafs or new shoots for near a year now (if they've been outside since last February) it isn't going to be easy getting them to grow if they're still alive.

Can you take a few branches and cut them off with a sharp knife and see if they are "green" underneath ? With this mild weather the tree shouldn't have gone into full hibernation so I imagine you'd be able to see the fresh green wood underneath quite easily.

If you have the fresh moist green that the tree should be still alive and you could try re potting them into a larger pot with fresh compost full of nutrients to give it a boost when spring kicks in.


Posted: 07/01/2016 at 11:57

Wonky, we need to set up a non-yummy-mummy club. All my friends are wandering off and having babies (seriously don't they know what causes that?) while I'm over here thinking "you know what would be awesome to do? Quad biking, or paint balling, or lets go to a coffee shop and see just how much cake we can eat until they roll us out the door..." 

Are upstairs having family visit on holiday or do they seem to have dug roots and show no sign of moving? It all depends on the LandLord really.

You HAVE spoken to them about it right? Just as a "I'm a little concerned that there is a lot of people living upstairs and am finding it very unpleasant to live here".

A (decent) landlord will translate this as "I'm looking at moving out and you're going to have to go through all that work and effort of listing the property, paperwork, deposits etc. to get a new person..."

They might at least monitor it especially if they have a tenancy agreement that mentions number of occupants and expected wear and tear on a property.


Unsurprisingly it is raining. Again. The pond is now over flowing and Reggie (who didn't sleep well due to nightmares) is refusing point blank to go outside.

I'm trying to think of something inspirational to make for dinner tonight (anything to stop me writing emails and documents for work; I'm MEANT TO BE ON HOLIDAY). So far I've got as far as ....

chicken breast.


Hope they don't take too much off Dove; you'll need your insulation if this frosty weather arrives!!


Posted: 07/01/2016 at 09:13

Well plans today have gone all squiffy. I got a phone call from work to tell me that someone found my wallet in the park! Thank goodness for business cards. It must have slipped out while retrieving poop bags last night in the dark; I hadn't even realised I'd taken it with me! (Never normally do).

So no going and doing the weekly shop or nipping to a few places today in a bid not to go to work on another of my days off!  (Taking his lordship with me to collect it tonight). 

Oh well. The dishwasher and washing machine are going, his lordship has been packed off to work with a lunchbox and packet of porridge (I can't tell him he's putting on weight but I can suggest he save money by not stopping for a bacon butty and a unhealthy selection for lunch from the shop on his way to work... does mean I end up having to pack his lunch though  ), Reggie is fast asleep and I suppose I could do the dusting...


... Or not



Posted: 07/01/2016 at 07:46

Ooh Pat that looks amazing!


Feeling very tired here. Our efforts for an early night failed as his lordship got up twice for things he'd forgotten to do then the wind and rain kicked in...

Then Reggie had a nightmare had 04.00 And wanted cuddles. 

I'll keep the kettle on the stove for many cups of tea today!

Punkdoc: leaving puddles in the lawn, our garden is near a no go zone at the moment. I was rather hoping to be inspired as it feels a shame that no one has offered any gardening help for people affected in the North like we did those in the south. What ever happened to that? I do hope people got lovely flowers to cheer them up.


I'm rambling.  More tea required!


Posted: 06/01/2016 at 07:48

Morning all! 

Spent yesterday cleaning the museum: everything is lovely and clean ready for visitors to put their sticky fingers all over the do not touch signs today.

But gosh do I ache now. 

Back in the museum today to start planning our 2016 events and to make sure everything is organised for schools visiting this month. I wonder if they'll light the fire in the coffee shop so I can work from there! (Lost my office space and haven't been given a suitable replacement so just find myself a quiet corner).


Posted: 05/01/2016 at 07:20

Yvie I'm glad it went well for your husband.  I hope he had a comfortable night.

Technically I'm still on holiday.  But the unheated, damp prone, in need of tlc victorian building that houses the museum hasn't been touched for two weeks so I'll be going in to help make sure it's suitable for visitors when the doors reopen tomorrow (my standards of clean are rather higher than the bosses in my opinion). I'm just hoping the bad weather didn't cause any damage. Might wait til rush hour is over though before attempting to travel into the city centre.

Good luck to anyine attempting to rise teenagers from bed today!


Posted: 04/01/2016 at 15:14

Edd next time it might be for the best if you leave the meat and two veg for the dinner table.


But not that meat and two veg. Scalding hot gravy will do it no favours! 


Glad to see you back posting after your spell on the naughty step!


Posted: 04/01/2016 at 14:23

Ikea done, we now have two light fittings for the hallway to put up (when plaster has been put back on the walls, paint splashed around a bit, DIY disaster averted). It was so very busy but it was nice to be going somewhere that wasn't Screwfix for a change! These lamps must be fashionable I got the last two.

I also managed to get a little something that fulfils my criteria for brightening up the lounge now the tree and decorations have gone.

Sort of.

If you squint.

And then realise that its a childs toy castle for the dog to sleep in! 

To make it more uncomfortable when I was waiting in the the queue a grandmother proceeded to tell me how wonderful it was and that her grandson adored his and wasn't I spoiling my little boy so much. Well yes Reggie is indeed my very spoilt "little boy"  I didn't dare let her know he was a dog who just likes to sleep under things!


Still raining here and the garden is too wet to work. I looked in the greenhouse to find the dwarf daffodils I had put in there "to force" for an early display are actually smaller than the ones sprouting in the garden. Oh well so long as we get some bright colours soon I'll be happy enough.


Anyone for a mug of tea?


Posted: 04/01/2016 at 14:04

Oh David sorry to hear about your toe! What a horribly inconvenient place to get it. Still only a few months til we'll be enjoying the warmer spring temperatures. Can you wrap up warm? I know I am near attached to my hot water bottle to cure my broken bits as as long as I don't let the chill set in I'm not too bad. Mind you: perhaps you could fill your wellies with warm water!

I have a feeling Jo will reappear if she feels the forum of any use. It is so easy for tempers to get frayed, especially when you have personal problems and aren't expecting to see your safe haven of a retreat suddenly full of meat and two veg (I have to confess I didn't even notice they were naked til people commented! Must get a bigger screen to view this site on...) But for some people the forum outgrows its usefulness and it is in fact a release for them to have a reason to leave.

Til then we pull up our socks (or warm water filled wellingtons) and keep the place ticking along til our friends, new or old, arrive.


Anyone for a mug of tea?


Posted: 04/01/2016 at 09:09

Glad you're there safe Hosta! I hope you can start to relax soon.


Dove: I've seen parents in dressing gowns walking past the house taking children to school. Normally we don't see night attire on the first day, it usually takes three or four days before standards slip and routines fall to bits. Mind you Facebook and Twitter is full of people struggling and moaning so maybe the offices are full of odd shoes and tooth paste stains.


Took my mug of tea and climbed back into bed. Allergies mean I can't even motivate myself with having breakfast at Ikea so all I have to hope for is good traffic and a strawberry milkshake when I'm finished!

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