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Seedling identification please

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 14:24

All the better!  I'm glad I asked. Thanks 😀

Seedling identification please

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 14:11

Thank you so much!  I shall save a few for eating 😋

Seedling identification please

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 13:13

Hi please could anyone identify these seedlings

I'm not sure if they're something I intended to grow or terrible weeds that I need to get rid of quickly.  I have millions of them.

When to prune rose

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 15:39

Thanks, I will have a go now then.  What tends to happen is that I prune out growth that I don't want and seem to end up with even more as a result.

When to prune rose

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 15:12

Hi, I seem to remember Monty saying something about the time of year you prune your roses.  What he said was if you prune it one point in the year, it will encourage new growth, and if you prune it at another time of year it will discourage growth.  However, I can't remember the time of year he said.  I have some climbing and rambling roses that I'd like to tidy up and maintain closer to the support, rather than heading off in every direction.  Any ideas anyone?

What to do with this bush?

Posted: 14/06/2015 at 22:43

If you would like to keep it how about removing a third of the oldest stems right down to the ground?  That works for a lot of plants and if it doesn't work you've only lost a third of it.

Plant ID please anyone

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 21:05

I'll wear gloves thanks, I'm allergic to all sorts of plants.  

Well folks, thanks very much for your help.  I'll get rid of the deceptively pretty ragwort (even the name is pretty).  

As for the mystery plant - it does look like a weed, but I'll keep one to see if it flowers and I'll keep you all posted.  Thanks again.

Plant ID please anyone

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 20:19

Ok, will do thanks (yikes)

Plant ID please anyone

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 19:47

They don't smell of anything in particular, just a fusty leaf smell - sorry I'm not good at describing smells.


Plant ID please anyone

Posted: 07/06/2015 at 22:22

Yes, I'm inclined to agree with you.  The honesty that has just finished flowering had much smaller leaves than this plant.  This plant's leaves are about the size of my hand.  This is the plant closer up.


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