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How to deal with old gravel?

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 11:55


Bag them and sell them as use gravel or keep them and use for dranage in pots I always put 2" or 3" in my patio pots 



Morrison's Wild Flower mixes

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 11:36

I see california poppys this are the orange flower that is closed and open in sun shine



Winter protection

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 11:33

Opps sorry Verdun I missed your comment how rude of me I ment pelargoniums



Winter protection

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 10:45

Ok I'm going to be brave and post some images of my back garden.

Now I will warn you it's a bit of a mess this year in fact I’ve done very little in it for a year or two due to having a heart problem But I’m OK now as I have a new pacemaker fitted 7 weeks ago.

This first image is the orientation of my Garden as shown in the Iphone



This second image is the iphone in relation to my garden taken from the kitchen patio (I love sitting out on it) warm in the morning and cool from around 11.00 am depending where you sit


As shown in this third image I have started to make my own fencing design taken from a panel I’ve seen in a garden, three more to be made next month with a gate so I can police the dogs (I only have five) but they make a right mess of the garden esp in the winter when they just walk everywhere and cut up my lawn also they stand on plant pots and wee so most of my gardening is done with gloves on anyway there is a unused conservatory that has a running machine in it and bit and pieces however it has a pine floor so if this is used I would have to protect the floor and close a 20mm gap that runs around the top (ventilation)  also it has painted walls if I could I wouldn’t use it really as it is a conservatory.




Image four shows the area I would like to develop a green house as you can see I have started to clear it, also I plan to come out a extra 12”  to make the greenhouse 9’x6’


In this next image is if I go for a temporary polytunnel is my garden decking where I could screw it down in winter and remove it in late spring

 Image will not load ??

The next images are just of the boundaries of my garden  and my garden shed 

Image will not load I must of reached an limit so I will post them later 



Winter protection

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 08:36

I buy these plants year after year and it’s now getting expensive to replace them so I would like to try and keep them over winter  

Dianthus Chinensis, Geranium and Bush Fuchsia I also grow some herb’s but buy most of them in the winter thyme, rosemary (I normally leave in pots and is generally ok) tarragon, chives, chillies and parsley    

I thought it was time to start Thinking about winter protection the reason why I'm think and planning about it so early is I have four options open to me.

  1. wrap pot's in bubble wrap but will this method protect my Flowers 
  2. Move plants to my shed. Will they get enough light.
  3. Buy a ploytunnel and locate it for just the winter on my decking. Which is in full sun most of the day ploytunnel of around 2 m x 3 m
  4. I have a area in my garden where I could build a greenhouse area is 9'x5' up against a wall with only bushes on the left and to right of the area.

I could take some pictures of the area’s I have if this helps 


Idle chit chat

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 07:37

all supermarket car parks are private land and I also think you are not covered by your insurance and the supermarket will have a sign some where with a disclamer.


I feel your pain James

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 07:24

I've read some where or was even told this at some point to collect seed from larger plant's to tie a paper bag around the seed head while it's still on the plant this way you can protect it from the bird's and also collect the seed's more efficiently.


Like poppy's will twist when it dry's out to disperse it's seed's

Tie a bag to the flower heads and then just cut the stem when it's finished drying 


Dierama 'Cosmos'

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 18:49

OK I have put the Heleniums in a bigger pot and then placed them in a larger patio pot and also added some bedding plants along side them just so I can see if the enverioment it ok the pot is in a shaded part of the garden. The area i've placed them only gets the sun for around 4 to 5 hours ie they are in the shade from around 10.00 am.



I have read some where that moved Dierama are quite fussy and may not flower for the first two or three years until.



Dierama 'Cosmos'

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 16:16

Thank you Nutcutlet for the quick sugestions

so would you just pot up in general purpose compost ??


Dierama 'Cosmos'

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 15:45

Good afternoon to all

After bying my first ever Gardening Magazine I was inspired to buy some flowers so I've bought two Helenium 'Sahin's Early' plants from a internet garden centure.


Never again as the plants look very poorly with sun damage from watering in the hot afternoon sun. So after a day or two of looking at the poor plants with there brown burnt leaves I decided to keep them what do I have to lose well I potted them in to a bigger pot as the only arrived in a small 5 cm square pot. Yes they are also pot bound.

so I mixed some general purpose compost and some blood,fish and bone meal to the mix.


Have I done the right thing ??


also the reason I've posted is I also bought the Dierama 'Cosmos' all I can say is it was inpulse buying as I don't have a pond or marshy soil in fact I have the hardest dryish clay you would hope to never have/own.


anyway I would like to keep this plant and grow it in a pot if thats possible if it's possible what would you suggest I do about soil/compost 


green reader of Garderners world 

O'and I've bought a 12 month subscription to GW great read 



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