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Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

Posted: 10/11/2013 at 21:43

Legally, if something overspills in someone else's garden, is it the responsibility of the owner of the garden where the roots are, or do the overhanging branches/leaves can be cut by the occupants of the garden where they overspill?

Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

Posted: 10/11/2013 at 08:48


There are some stems clearly on their side, I can see them through a gap in the wooden fence.  I have had the ivy cut about twice a year as part of normal gardening maintenance (trimmed and cut at the base, it has also spread into the ground, which is no good either),  but I have never seen it so out of control.  The person who has come round to have a look at it said that because the summer has been particularly warm, the ivy has grown more, plus there may be something to do with the light as to why it leans towards my neighbour's wall.  I think that if someone had to climb on a ladder and painstakingly remove it from the wall as it is, it would not work , but the suggestion made by Fidgetbones, to cut it at the base and let it dry and then pull it seems really sensible and it's something that they can do themselve.  I will ask the gardener if they can access their garden and he can explain this to them, and cut it at the base in their garden too, if needed.  This would also be a lot less expensive.

Grimble2: the issue with my neighbours is that they do not seek to take responsibility for anything.  I agree people need to talk, but they also need to take responsibility for themselves!


Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

Posted: 09/11/2013 at 21:56



I did not plant it, I have been in the house for 6 years and I found it there.

I can understand that it's a pain, it's covering their bathroom window and for some reason this year it has leaned their way (it's never happened before).

But I thought it was a bit cheeky to shift it onto me ... I would like to know if legally it is the same as over hanging branches. You make your point perfectly: cutting at the base will release its hold to the wall and then peel off, which is something I guess they could do themselves?  I think that their idea is that someone has to go up a ladder and cut it that way.  I can get a local guy to do it on their side when he comes to me, but they would need to contribute!

Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

Posted: 09/11/2013 at 21:37


I agree that the ivy should not go wandering.

The issue I have is that I do not know if it's actually my ivy - they have some on their side of the fence, too.

So I am not sure if I have to pick up the tab...

Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

Posted: 09/11/2013 at 17:00

I have a fence covered in ivy that has climbed onto my neighbour's wall (neighbour's is to the left of my house) and the fence is to the side (not back).

I have never had this issue in 6 years, the growth may have been facilitated by the warm summer and by the light.

My neighbour is expecting for me to sort this out and to get someone round to her to cut the ivy and for me to pick up the tab. She is basically assuming that the ivy comes from my side.

My problem is that I am not sure where the roots of the ivy are, meaning that it may well be their ivy, too (I can see a thick branch coming from their side, creeping through the wooden fence).  I am worried that if I cut the ivy on their side, I will be setting a precedent and I will then be expected to do this again if the problem reoccurs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated: shall I get rid of the ivy altogther? 

Thanks in advance.

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Ivy climbing on neighbour's wall

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