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Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 16/08/2017 at 15:42

I forgot to mention the beautiful agapanthus that I have. The white and purple one is queen mum and is truly spectacular when is flower.

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 16/08/2017 at 15:40

Thank you. The green leafed canna was a few quid and the red one was free 8 years ago. It only flowered for the first time last year(only one plant) and all the divisions might do it this yearMy father in law came round to feed the fish and water the pots. Trouble is, it looks so nice it has to be better next year!

Some things have been swamped or not happy in pots, so I am learning every year.

Next year will be better as I am collecting some used greenhouses this weekend. My first ever ones! So I will have more growing room and my garden will look less like a nursery

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 16/08/2017 at 12:46

My pots are full of rudbeckia, scabious, cannas, dahlias, fennel, Echinacea and salvia amistad.

It was a lovely surprise to see this after two weeks on holiday

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 16/08/2017 at 12:40

Success with cuttings

Posted: 06/05/2017 at 09:32

How do people take cuttings? 

I have done it before with varied success but want to know the best method.

This year I have taken lots of cuttings and put them in a heated propagator and they all wilted. Then I put some in pots with food bags over them and they were successful until I couldn't be bothered to put the bags back on all of them again.

Is this the best method?

Starting up a nursery

Posted: 27/04/2017 at 21:31

No I am a Northerner.

I appreciate the advice, words of encouragement and reality checks. Don't worry lamweedy, I won't be taking advantage of my parents. I am looking to earn extra money as my wife is unable to work anymore due to ill health. That is why I am wanting it to be part time, and I love gardening!

Starting up a nursery

Posted: 27/04/2017 at 18:32

Thank you for your advice so far. There is an old nursery site nearby so I might ask about the land and more specifically what happened to it.

I don't want to rush into it. I would rather build up a selection of plants and research where is best to sell before diving in.

Starting up a nursery

Posted: 27/04/2017 at 16:35

I wonder if anybody with any experience can give me a few pointers about starting up a nursery.

I am wanting to do it part time as a supplementary income, with hopefully free labour from retired parents,but I want to know the steps that I need to take. These are things that I think I need to do.

1) find land with water supply for use. Must be able to put a polytunnel on. (Do I have to ask the council permission for this?)

2) work out which plants to sell?where do I find out which plants I can't propagate due to ownership issue?

3) start working, can bulk buy seedlings and grow on? How much do I propagate and grow from seed myself? Do I import lots of stock from abroad?

4) start selling

I love gardening but haven't set up a business before.

Any advice will be gratefully received.


Rudbeckia identification

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 09:26

6 might be marmalade. I might move them from their pots into smaller pots or in the garden and see what happens

Rudbeckia identification

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 18:20

They always look so similar I can never tell 

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