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Fatsia japonica

Posted: 21/06/2014 at 10:14

I have a well established japonica that was originally in a pot till I planted it about 9 years ago in its current position. It has done really well, flowering and growing well until the last couple of months when it has started to go black, yellow and drop leaves. I wouldn't be worried except this is happening to new growth as well as lower older leaves. 

It is is a fairly sunny position although by noon the shade starts to move over it. The only other thing I have done recently is bury our bunny nearby when he died in March. Could he be making the soil too rich for the plant? There is a lavender and a large fushcia that are closer to the bunny. Clearly I don't want to exhume the rabbit but wonder if there is anything I can do for the plant if it is the effect he is having on the soil?

the new growth that has been affected is nearer the base of the plant

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