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Competitions and bad sight

Posted: 23/07/2017 at 09:03

Lots of us with reasonable or good sight would struggle with that one, good question 

Invasive vine-like plant

Posted: 22/07/2017 at 23:03

Not even mowing will kill this it's a robust grower. My experience is to cut it back regularly and to keep pulling up the runners etc. Cut back very hard everything to about 6" and it will regrow within about 6 weeks to a nice room neat mound. And then spread again from there. Depending on where you live, I let mine in the south Midlands of the uk grow some longer straggly stems until Christmas when I can use them in the decorations then cut back hard. So your trimming timing may be depending on if you want to use the foliage for something. 

Saplings in the lawn

Posted: 22/07/2017 at 22:57

Yes as above, keep,cutting or weed killer if you use it. It's programmed to try to grow and survive and as the roots are still viable, they will continue use to sprout unless checked in anyway you are able to do. 

garden survey plan?

Posted: 22/07/2017 at 22:54

A circular pergola? Or one with beams that radiate out from a central point to accentuate the circular paving below Or a square one for contrast? Either will look fab & if the area has recently been paved, it will be secure and level and doesn't get waterlogged so the survey is already done. Will look forward to seeing the result 

Barely started and I'm already overwhelmed!

Posted: 13/07/2017 at 21:33

 Well done, am delighted to see you have some progress and the grass is looking good. I'm hoping that you are also feeling less overwhelmed now. Am looking forward to see the updates in the future. 

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 11:57

That beautiful planter wouldnt look out of place in many gardens, well done that's brilliant.👍 And I know how hard that will have been to achieve as I garden on heavy clay too. Am looking forward to seeing that one planted up. It should be an inspiration to anyone to achieve something like that. 👏

identification issues

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 17:57

If it is a terrestrial orchid as above, please say you didn't pick it from the wild? They are very deeply planted and rooted judging by the very long portion of the stem that is blanched. It's illegal to pick wild flowers ........ 

Growing succulents from seed (I think I've been diddled)

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 17:44

Wait and see, they may be some beautiful plant, but probably not. 

Why are my apples looking like this?

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 05:49

Looks similar to what I know as bitterpit What is the difference? 

Growing succulents from seed (I think I've been diddled)

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 05:44

I wonder how the seed is collected and cleaned to ensure just succulent seed is present. Slight issue with trade descriptions I think especially if as hogweed has said the compost was clean 

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