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Is this fungi? Do I condemn the tree?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 19:39

Hi Ladybird and nutcutlet

Yes, I know the lichen is harmless so I'm not concerned about that but pretty much all the branches have the red/grey/beige striped wide rings as in the photos.  It makes the bark look like same dangerous snake!

I think I'll do some heavy cutting back tomorrow night and keep going until I find living tissue.  I did some Google searching at lunchtime today and thought I'd found something similar, but it was an American site and the branches were covered in tiny red/orange dots which mine doesn't have so I don't think it's Nectria Canker.  I can't find anything in 'images' that looks similar to my problem so I'm curious as to whether it's fungus or bacteria.  Whichever, I'll need to sterilise the secateurs  afterwards and bin the branches.

Well, nutcutlet, I suspect you're correct, but I love the tree so let's try to resuscitate it.  Better chance at this end of the year than autumn I suppose.

I'll keep you both posted.

thanks for responding!

Is this fungi? Do I condemn the tree?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:43

Hello to all

I have an acer that is approx 19 years old and am worried that it is dying pretty quickly.

It had lived in a pot until 2 years ago, when we decided to put it into the ground because it had outgrown its home and was already in a large pot which was unfortunately plastic and the outer roots had scorched.  The soil smelt dreadful due to poor drainage, so it had really been suffering in silence.

Its first summer in the ground (2014) was very hot and it lost its leaves early but came back last year, seemingly relatively happily, although I started to notice some of the branches were dying off.  I didn't panic too much as this had happened on previous years without too problem and I assumed it would take a while to recover from its house move.

However, this spring, none of the leaf buds have opened, it's a bare skeleton, and the bark and branches show dreadful discolouration.

What is this and what do I do?  Cut everything back until I find life or leave it to live or die?  It's a beautiful tree when its healthy and after nearly 20 years it would be a real shame to loose it now.

Please see attached photos taken this evening (the one of it in leaf is from last year).

Help please!

Young Crab Apple Not Thriving

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 18:25

thanks Ladybird - I hope so as it is perfect for the spot it's in!

Young Crab Apple Not Thriving

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 17:14

Hello everyone,

I planted a young crab apple tree in autumn last year - it had been in a pot for 18 months and I thought it would be better in the ground than spending another winter in a pot. Last spring it blossomed beautifully and grew good leaves during the summer. However, this spring, although it had a good number of buds, the blossom was disappointing and now the tiny leaves are turning yellow and dying. Can anyone give any advice as to what's wrong? I noticed that the soil in the bottom of the pot smelt nasty when we took it out before planting - were we too late do you think and what can we do to save the tree? thanks!

What's bitten a hole in my French bean seed/

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 21:27

Hi David

thanks - although looking at the web it's definitely Delia Platura that's done this which is a fly.  It lays its eggs in the compost and the larvae do the damage. So I'm going to try an all rounder nematode to see whether it sorts the little blighters out. Where's my swatter....  !


What's bitten a hole in my French bean seed/

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 15:43

Hi everyone

I've recently put French bean seeds into individual pots to germinate and grow on ready for when the risk of frost has passed.  However, a number of them germinated with a hole clearly bitten through the seed  - about 1mm in diameter.  Some of the affected seeds had lost the 'leader' but had fought back by surviving and had already started to sprout side leaves - sort of naturally stopped if that makes sense.  

Searching the web for images has shown that this was caused by Delia Platura, the Seedcorn magot of the Bean seed fly.

Has anyone else had much experience of this pest - I'd never heard of it before and was about ready to send my seeds back to the manufacturer!

Would a broad spectrum nematode work against it as I really dislike the idea of using insecticides but equally don't want to see my crops wiped out?


Daisy Jane 

Brussels in raised beds

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 20:46

And I know now!  I'm not really a daisy either! 

Brussels in raised beds

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 19:32

Thanks Bob - I think I'll definately put the brassicas in the flat bed.  I may put a couple in a raised bed if I find I have enough space as a sort of controlled experiment.  I'll stake the ones in the raised bed rather than treading them in and see what, if any, difference I find.

Brussels in raised beds

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 17:45

Thanks for your reply Matty - I'm just very confused by all the articles that say you never walk or firm down on a raised bed.  So it's pretty contradictory to then put in brassicas that need exactly that treatment!

I'll think I'll stick to putting them in my flat, traditional bed and keep the raised beds for other veg groups.

I'm still keen on hearing other people's experience though please!

What Would You Do Next?

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 16:37

Hello - grow what you love to eat and what isn't cheap as chips in shops already.  For example - garlic is easy to grow, really useful and you'll get your money back in no time.  You can plant it in the spring and autumn so it's just the right time now.  French beans and runners are great too and you can freeze any surplus.

Also, if you can be bothered to take a layer of soil out temporarily, you can always put some of your own compost that's not ready yet underneath then put your soil back on top of it (don't mix it - leave it as a layer) - by the time your veg roots have reached down it will have rotted nicely.


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