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Trees or Shrubs?

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 15:07

I understand your need for privacy.  However, as someone whose garden is overlooked by three large trees belonging to my neighbour, I would like to say it is reasonable to object to potential damage and loss of light.  I lose so much light in my back garden, especially in the afternoons, and I wish every (sunny) day that my neighbour would just have them cut back.  And the fence on his side is being pushed by those trees, so it leans onto my side.

Chrissie B made a great suggestion.  How about putting up a pergola and growing something lovely like a rose over it?

Slugs.. sod the organic approach I just want them dead!

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 15:00

Never mind, Peat B, we know which thread you meant.........

I put slugs and snails in a jar of salt water because I don't think raising the salinity of the soil is a good idea.

Someone asked what happens when plants flop over the copper ring?  Yes, that can be a problem, but it happens seldom enough.  Plus if you continue the nightly slug hunt and pick off any intrepid nasties, it's usually enough.  Copper tape is reasonably priced, especially if you go to somewhere large like B&Q.

Sorry to hear about your disaster, Caral.  I don't have any pets (children are enough) although last year one of the local cats dug up an iris rhizome I had transplanted to the front garden and killed it, so I do know how you feel.  My garden seems to be a haven for all the cats in the street grrrrrrrrrr   If only they ate slugs, I might not mind them so much.

Eternal vigilance is the key.  You can never win completely against them, simply because there are so many and they never stop coming, but you can do enough to be able to grow the plants you want.


Posted: 27/05/2014 at 07:27

Gorgeous hostas.  How do you stop the slugs?


Posted: 27/05/2014 at 07:08

Good morning Dove and all

Cloudy with a bit of sun and blue sky here, another welcome breather from the rain, although tomorrow is supposed to be a heavy rain day according to the met office.

Going to try and do a bit more clearing of the jungle-like top of my garden, if my head lets me.

Enjoy your lunch, Dove.  Hope everyone has a good day.


Posted: 26/05/2014 at 10:41

No rain for me today!  Greetings to everyone  seems I missed saying happy birthday Punkdoc - sorry.  Weather here dry, intermittent blue sky, bit of thin cloud at the moment, just such a relief not to be looking out of the window at heavy rain, my poor garden is soaked.  Found aphids on one of my tomato plants in the cold frame so not happy, stems all withered so snapped them off.  Struggling a bit today wanted to get some work done but my head will not let me which is so frustrating when I was feeling so well looking out of the window at the rain the last few days. AARRGGHHH.  Found a clematis at the top of the garden scramling through loads of weeds but have no idea what it is.  It is gorgeous.  The picture is not on my computer yet but I will post when I transfer it later on .

Have a good day all.

Slugs.. sod the organic approach I just want them dead!

Posted: 25/05/2014 at 23:18



Caral, you made me laugh when you mentioned training your sons.  My son, now 12 is an expert slug hunter and loves to pick them off with his bare hands (ugh!).  And now my under-gardener, who is growing potatoes and onions for the first time this year (when we met he swore I would NEVER get him into gardening) insisted on dragging me out for a second time tonight after I reported finding four slugs munching his precious potato plants.  We found another 20 or so.  Add that to the four slugs and 18 snails I found earlier on and I think we've done well tonight.


Can I just reiterate for those who are contemplating grit or bramble around your plants you need a COPPER RING.  Slugs and snails are physically unable to cross copper.  I've tried grit, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, you name it.  Cut up a large plastic pop/water bottle and put some copper tape round then pop it around your beloved plant.  It does work.  And a beer trap or two near them as well can't hurt. And hunt them down every night.  The two pictures above show the lovely Dahlia Arabian night which I bought as a tuber shooting but protected, and the second picture shows it later on in the year.  Copper tape is your friend in the war against the molluscs.

Good luck!


Slugs.. sod the organic approach I just want them dead!

Posted: 25/05/2014 at 07:42

Caral, we all have our slug sob stories.  This year they've killed two emerging lilies and a delphinium (the only one out of two that came up).  I haven't grown lupins for years because it just breaks my heart when they get eaten.

I've never used slug pellets because when I started gardening my children were small, now they're big and sensible but I still don't want little blue pellets everywhere.  I hate slugs and snails with a passion,  but over the years I've developed the following strategies:

Slug hunt every night with a torch.  Pick them off and put them in a jar of salt water.

Snails are crushed and thrown onto the path for the birds.

I cut up plastic bottles and put copper tape around them then sink them into the ground to protect vunerable emerging shoots.  If I forget, then I'm punished, hence the delphinium and lily massacre this year.

Anything I love and I know they are going to decimate, like my hosta or marigolds, goes into a pot with copper tape around the edge.

I have a couple of beer traps which I do find helpful.  Last year a dahlia from the local gc was being chewed to death.  It was too big for a copper ring, so I popped the trap next to the plant, and that seemed to do the trick.  They came over for the dahlia but then were distracted by the beer and died an alcoholic death.  Can't say I'm sorry. 

It's not foolproof.  I posted on a thread the other day about how I found some holes in my hosta leaves and then found a small snail nestling in the middle of the plant.  I think it crawled up the wall and then onto the leaves which were touching it.  So the pot has been moved away from the wall now.

I had an Achillea millefolium Cerise Queen in the ground.  Last year I put a copper ring around it as they ate it almost to extinction.  I got a few flowers, but I noticed this year that even in spite of the ring they were still attacking the bits that flopped over and the plant just was not thriving.  So I've popped it into a pot and hey presto, in just a week it's sending up loads of shoots and seems a lot happier.

It's an ongoing war, you can never relax.  Always be vigilant and you will manage to hold them back enough to grow the plants you want.  You're not alone!!


My Profile.

Posted: 25/05/2014 at 06:57

Dove is right.  Whatever you do, do not put personal details on your profile.  Especially name address and phone number.  Some forum members do meet up for one reason or another, but they have built up a level of trust and don't put their personal information out there for everyone else to see.

Sadly the internet is not a safe place.

togyenko at chelsea - moss balls and 'art grage' lighting

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 20:50

I watched Chelsea on the iplayer today (I'm up to Thursday, I think) and they said something about being able to get the moss balls from florists as they use them.  Like MrsG, I've got plenty of moss hee hee


Posted: 24/05/2014 at 20:47

Glad some of you have had a good day  it's been rain rain rain rain rain rain all day.  Skies a little clearer now but everything is absolutely soaked.  I managed to plant out my Munstead Wood but the soil was so wet I ended backfilling with my hands, goodness knows what it's done to the clay structure, it all looked like chocolate ice cream (but not as tasty).  There's no point in going out because I don't need to water anything and I'm not going to start weeding because I'll be soaked in 2 seconds.  I'm hoping from some respite tomorrow, maybe even a bit of sunshine who knows?

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