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Nora & the team, web test & feedback

Posted: Today at 21:00

Hello Sanjy67,

Welcome to the forum and many thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback - it's enormously helpful and we'll add it to the existing list of feedback that we'll be working through next week.

The scrolling issue remains at the top of the list, so is being prioritised, but there's plenty more in your post for us to think about!

The camera icon has certainly divided opinion! We thought it was clear, but not everybody has found that to be the case. (I agree with you that it's much better than the previous tree icon.)

Once again, thanks for the suggestions.

Daniel Haynes

Technical updates / help with the new forum

Posted: Today at 17:19

Hello Dave.

It isn't true that we're not listening. Nora has gathered all of the feedback submitted over the last couple of days (which is being worked through to improve the experience for everybody as quickly as possible) and posted regular updates, as well as engaging with people to gather more information.

We're aware that there are many features that people are unhappy with, which is why we're doing our best to address them as soon as we can. We fully appreciate how much the forum is valued - it's in nobody's interest to have an experience that people are unhappy with. Mistakes have clearly been made, but we're doing all we can to sort the situation. As previously posted, we're working towards releasing the next round of amends next week.

Daniel Haynes

Your new-look forum

Posted: Yesterday at 17:06

Hazel - I'm glad you're finding the darker text easier to read!

Kitty 2, Sophie on the dev team is looking into this for us - I'm not sure yet if it's something they can do, but let's see...

Daniel Haynes

Your new-look forum

Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

Hello everyone,

Another update:

The site 'build' is now live, with the following changes:

1) The text is now darker - hopefully you'll find this easier to read.

2) The 'Latest threads' link now works.

3) The current page number is displayed in a different colour.

4) The 'Ignore' function is working again.

As mentioned, those were the issues we could address quickly. We'll work through the next batch of fixes as soon as possible - top of the list, of course, being the spacing / scrolling.

Once again, apologies for all the frustration / annoyance caused.

Daniel Haynes

Your new-look forum

Posted: Yesterday at 14:41

Hello Redwing,

We've asked the dev team about the 'edit' function - it's on the list of potential jobs for the next batch of work, once the set of immediate changes is live.

Daniel Haynes

Your new-look forum

Posted: Yesterday at 13:07

Hello everyone,

Following our meeting with the tech team earlier, here is an update on changes we’re working on to improve your experience of the forum.

The following changes will appear on the site after the next ‘build’ - hopefully this afternoon, pending tests:

1) Font colour - this will be made darker to make text easier to read

2) Page number will be highlighted in a different colour to more clearly indicate the page you are on

3) The bug with the ‘Latest posts’ link will be fixed

4) The bug with the Ignore function will be corrected

5) The thread views counter will work again

So, that’s a summary of the changes we can make immediately.

The other major issue you’ve raised is the vertical spacing / scrolling. Our designer Vicki is working closely with a member of the development team to identify improvements that can be made to reduce the amount of scrolling you need to do, and to make more content visible. Those changes will be implemented as soon as possible - we hope to release those to the site next week (these aren’t changes we can make as quickly as changing the font colour).

Nora is gathering all of the other bug reports / navigational problems - all will be taken into account while we’re prioritising development work.

Regarding the requests that some of you have made for us to revert back to the old forum, I’m very sorry, but we won’t be doing this. It might not seem immediately apparent (!) but a lot of technical work went into the new forum and we have to dedicate the (not unlimited) resources we have to improving that. Also, it’s far from simple technically to switch the old forum back on - we took the measure last week as a last resort.

Clearly, the new system is very far from perfect. Be assured, though, that we’re doing everything we can to improve it as soon as possible. I’m afraid that will mean living with those issues that are annoying you for a little longer, while we get things fixed - we’d greatly appreciate some patience while that’s going on.

In the meantime, please continue to tell us about anything else that isn’t working as you’d expect and to make suggestions for tweaks/additional features. We won’t be able to implement all of them (at least not in the very short term), but we will do what we can with the resources at our disposal.

Daniel Haynes

Your new-look forum

Posted: Yesterday at 10:07

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback.

I'm very sorry to read that you're so unhappy with the new format. It's very clear that we need to make some pretty fundamental changes, so please be assured that we're taking all of your feedback on board, and that we'll do everything we can to address your concerns.

There are two strands we'll need to consider here:

1) Technical bugs - Nora is gathering all of these together and the dev team is working on a number of fixes, which we hope to put live today. These include the 'Latest posts' function, locked threads no longer being locked, quote button behaving erratically, seeing posts from ignored members etc. A number of you are reporting issues with image uploads, which we'll also look into further.

2) Design issues. The two chief issues you've raised are the colour of the font and the amount of white space / scrolling. The colour of the font is something I think can be addressed quickly and I hope we can make some improvements to the latter fairly soon that will improve the experience for you. I'm meeting with our technical team this morning to get a clearer sense of this, so will report back when I know more.

We can't revert to old forum as it won't work properly on mobile devices, which around half of our audience now use to access the site. What we need to do is listen to your feedback and use it to improve the new site - as you point out, it's your forum, so we need to get it right.

Please bear with us, we'll move as quickly as we can to address your concerns.

Daniel Haynes

Uploading images from ipad

Posted: 18/03/2016 at 08:28

Hello Missy Krissy,

Apologies for the problem you're experiencing - this is an issue we're aware of with image uploads from an iPad.

A solution isn't far off - we'll be launching a mobile- and tablet-friendly version of the forum in April (more details shortly), when you'll be able to upload images.

In the meantime, I'm afraid the only solution is to upload from another device - if you need any further assistance please drop us a line at

Thanks for bearing with us.

Daniel Haynes



Secret Garden

Posted: 26/02/2016 at 09:18

Reply to Norman7: I've just checked your GW website and your Secret Garden access has been activated, so you should now be able to view the content (you need to be logged in first):

If you still can't view the page, please try refreshing it (Cmd + F5 on a PC, Cmd + R on a mac, or using the reload icon on a tablet). Do please drop us a line at if you have any further problems.

Reply to flowerpower15: You have two email addresses registered against a GW site account, and the Secret Garden access is activated against one of these. It could be that you can't view the content because you're logged in with the other address - I'll send you an email at both addreses to let you know which of the accounts to use.

Daniel Haynes


New 'Secret Garden' emails

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 15:13

Hello jekylandhide,

All of the content published in the Secret Garden is brand new to the site, and exclusive for Gardeners' World Magazine subscribers. You will find links within these new projects and features to other content around the site, but all of the content on the Secret Garden landing page is new (currrently 47 items, with plenty more to follow).

This content is the first to use our new page designs, which will be rolled out on the rest of the site over the next few months. These new designs are 'responsive' i.e. they'll adapt to the device they're viewed on, so will work equally well on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Do visit regularly as new content - videos, projects, features and subscriber-only offers - will be added each week.

Daniel Haynes



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