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New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 21:34

Hello Hazel - there won't be any imminent changes to the 'Settings' area - (although that's only because we haven't got around to it yet!) Rest assured that any changes we make will be take into account the negative response we've received to the recent design changes. We've learnt our lesson!

And many thanks, Topbird - it's good to know you value the forum so much.

We'll get there very soon, I hope!


New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 20:23

Hello Guernsey Donkey2,

Most newspapers / magazines / websites have periodic design refreshes. It's amazing how quickly things can date. Digital technology changes very rapidly and websites that were very 'up to the minute' a few years back can seem very old-fashioned now.

Any business / brand that undertakes design changes doesn't do so lightly - an established brand with a loyal user base has a lot at stake. We're in the process of refreshing gardenersworld.com - a great deal of thought and care has gone into that, but unfortunately we've haven't got the forum part of that process quite right.

We'll fix it for you as quickly as we possibly can. The next stage of that will be released to the site over the next week. We'll be monitoring your feeback very closely and we'll take note of everything that everybody says. Unlike magazines and newspapers there isn't a finished product with websites, which are constantly evolving and changing.

We're very lucky in having a really knowledgeable and diverse membership - it might not seem like it at the moment, but we are doing our best to deliver the best forum for everyone that we possibly can.

More changes on the way!


Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 20:04

Thanks, Verdun. 

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 19:58

Hello David,

Thank you for that.

I hope my response didn't seem unduly harsh. For the record, we greatly value the contribution that you and all of the other users make to the forum. I hope you'll stick with us!


New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 19:44


The forum wasn't changed in a 'rush for extra cash'. It was changed for various reasons, the chief of which was that all sites need to be regularly refreshed. The site hasn't had a significant design refresh for five years - a long time in design terms. The site, as built in 2011 was not 'mobile friendly' (by which we mean smartphone and tablet). We needed to upgrade the whole site to make it a better experience for the significant number of users who use mobile devices.

The feedback since the relaunch has indicated that a lot of desktop users feel the quality of their experience has significantly declined. We're in the process of addressing that.

One of the main reasons for rebuilding the site is that sites that aren't 'mobile friendly' are not as visible in Google. We (not unreasonably) want as many people as possible to find us in search engines. It's that, and not some Machiavellean 'rush for cash' that has informed the redesign.

And, for the record, we are looking for ways to rebuild trust and loyalty (which we've never taken for granted).

My polite request about not posting links to other forums was not a threat - it was actually an attempt to be transparent and honest. I maintain that it's quite reasonable to point out that we're not here to promote other services or forums.

You seem determined to read ill intent into everything that we post. There isn't any ill intent - just a sincere attempt to deliver the best experience we can for people. We've failed in that quest over the last week - we're planning to correct that over the coming week.

Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 19:14

Thank you, Redwing - much appreciated. 

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 18:57

Hello David,

We're very much aware that a lot of you are cross with us at the moment - we (quite unintentionally) annoyed you by making some unwelcome changes to a forum that many of you cherish.

As mentioned on other threads, we're in the process of doing our very best to make up for that. We made the initial changes we were able to as quickly as we possibly could, and more will be released over the coming week (in direct response to the feedback that you've all given us).

Yes, the changes should have been beta-tested first, but they weren't and for that we sincerely apologise.

Some of you are so irritated you feel inclined to jump ship and start a new forum. I understand that, but do ask that you bear with us a little longer while we work to correct the mistakes that have been made.

Anybody who wishes to set up their own forum can do so quickly and easily with various tools such as ProBoards (https://www.proboards.com/). They'll soon find, though, that maintaining and moderating a forum isn't the walk in the park that they might imagine it to be.

We do out best to moderate the forum with a 'light touch' - it's your space, after all. We certainly don't wish to censor forum users or stifle free speech. If a comment or thread is deleted, it's done reluctantly and after careful consideration (in light of our code of conduct).

That said, we are a business and I'm afraid we're not willing to offer a platform for people to freely exchange links to other forums. Any user of this site is quite at liberty to use any other site or forum that they wish, but it isn't our job to promote them. So, I must respectfully request that you refrain from posting any further links. Any other links will be removed. I'm sorry if that seems draconian.

People won't yet be aware of this, but the whole web and technical teams have been working extremely hard over the last six months or so on forthcoming changes to the site - literally hundreds of projects, features and videos. Those changes aren't too far away, so we ask you to cut us a little slack while we finish them off. We're not perfect, but we are doing our best.

So, that's enough from me for the evening.

To recap:

We are listening.

We will delete any further posts linking to external forums, or those posted with the intention of luring other users away from this forum.

Thank you,

Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

Nora & the team, web test & feedback

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 21:00

Hello Sanjy67,

Welcome to the forum and many thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback - it's enormously helpful and we'll add it to the existing list of feedback that we'll be working through next week.

The scrolling issue remains at the top of the list, so is being prioritised, but there's plenty more in your post for us to think about!

The camera icon has certainly divided opinion! We thought it was clear, but not everybody has found that to be the case. (I agree with you that it's much better than the previous tree icon.)

Once again, thanks for the suggestions.

Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

Technical updates / help with the new forum

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 17:19

Hello Dave.

It isn't true that we're not listening. Nora has gathered all of the feedback submitted over the last couple of days (which is being worked through to improve the experience for everybody as quickly as possible) and posted regular updates, as well as engaging with people to gather more information.

We're aware that there are many features that people are unhappy with, which is why we're doing our best to address them as soon as we can. We fully appreciate how much the forum is valued - it's in nobody's interest to have an experience that people are unhappy with. Mistakes have clearly been made, but we're doing all we can to sort the situation. As previously posted, we're working towards releasing the next round of amends next week.

Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

Your new-look forum

Posted: 05/05/2016 at 17:06

Hazel - I'm glad you're finding the darker text easier to read!

Kitty 2, Sophie on the dev team is looking into this for us - I'm not sure yet if it's something they can do, but let's see...

Daniel Haynes
Editor, gardenersworld.com

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