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Posted: 23/04/2012 at 16:28

Hey Hollie, thank you, i think my next project must be an automated feeder as i keep forgetting to feed ours maybe one for me for over the summer!

We have a field mouse coming in regularly, the other day i had almost 2 hours of footage at bout 3am, the field mouse would come in, look around, go to the food bowl and then run out, then a minute later do it all again, and this repeated for the whole duration. I couldnt work out why he was doing this until i went to replace the food. I took the lid off and found that above the "anti cat shelf" that i had installed, the mouse had be climbing up and storing his own stash of food, where he knew the hedgeghog wouldnt be able to fit and get it. The sneaky mouse had been stealing all hedgy's food, very crafty!!!

Lily, when I initially put or hog house "live" it took about a month for the first visitor to arrive. I used cat food, fresh water and put lots of twigs and leaves in it to make it more "authentic", I also put some food in and around the entrance to the house to attract a hog!


Posted: 10/04/2012 at 16:11

Our regular hedgehog is back now daily, I must just remember to keep putting food and water out


Or if you happen to be awake at 4am you can check out the live feed:


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