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Plant ID

Posted: Today at 10:36

It is the potentilla I have it in the garden.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:06

I think your'e just lucky stephanie, I'd just enjoy them, they rarely flower twice.

Another bushy-shrubby unknown.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:10

Cotoneaster, one of the upright ones.

two hedges

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

1. is box, (buxus) can with time grow to more than a metre and more.

2. is euonymous, again if left can grow quite large although it does depend on the variety.

Both nice, but patience is required for both to get to any real height.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:02

Yesterday I counted( with some help) 18 butterflies in the garden. Large Whites, small whites, peacock, comma, meadow brown and a red admiral. Me thinks the effort has been worth it.

White flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 10:35

Gaura is pretty tough bekkie and would do ok there.

White flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 10:09

Depends how much space you have bekkie, I have phlox, gaura, and white roses. I put a strong colour usually a red or purple, to break it up. I'm not keen on a single block of colour, they can look good, but a single block always reminds me of a sheet of paper or a painted wall. I prefer a contrast.


Posted: Yesterday at 10:03

Could be unintentional damage to the stems, or drift from a weed killer, or just weak growth. I'd prune out the affected stems water and mulch it heavily. The dry weather we've been having hasn't helped. I wouldn't be too concerned.

Grass ID

Posted: Yesterday at 09:57

This is the one reason I don't have grasses in my garden. Although many are very attractive plants, and often highly recommended by the gardening guru's, keeping on top of them, is a consistent issue, and for some of my customers. I am always being asked to thin out self seeded grasses from gardens, and many have come to regret planting them. They have their place, but for me, not in my garden.

Oh Thank You Neighbour!

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 16:29

I don't have nice neighbours, a leyllandii hedge and an ugly fence, so I'm making it my mission to to be the envy of both. It's the best revenge I think. beautiful rose Beausmum.

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