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Talkback: How to sow half-hardy annuals

Posted: Yesterday at 22:20

You can pinch them out, it will encourage them to bush up. Move them outside during the day, bring them in at night. Frost is the main enemy, so leaving them out on occasions won't do them too much harm.

Moss in poor drainage area

Posted: Yesterday at 20:54

Without improving the drainage you will continue to have the same problem. If your'e a relatively new build then compaction will be the likely cause, or if it's older clay with some topsoil dumped on top.

Dig a test hole to about a foot down, see what is underneath, then get back to us.

Once we have a clear idea of the root cause advice will be clear and straight forward.

Gardening courses

Posted: Yesterday at 20:48

You can learn as much theory as you like lee, but I'd get in with a good local gardener and tag along. Theory is fine but practical experience is far more valuable.

What shrubs/plants can I plant now for instant colour!!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Best advice, go to the garden centre and look for something to suit the bill.

Right now everything is coming into bloom or will be soon, especially with the warm weather we are having. Planting conditions are ideal so the choice is huge. Go along with her and hold her hand.

Just bear in mind her soil conditions aspect and eventual size of the plant.

It's difficult to give specific advice without knowing the conditions.

My grass seed is growing (help please)

Posted: Yesterday at 17:17

From reading your description of what you did you made a basic mistake. You compacted the soil by rolling it. You don't roll a lawn till its established. You have probably compacted too much and seed will struggle to put down roots on compacted ground. You only need to tread a seed bed and after treading you rake the surface to a fine tilth then seed and water daily.

Roundup pathclear will prevent seed germination, roundup glysophate weed killer will break down on contact with the soil.

Firstly which roundup did you use?

If it was the weed killer then break up the surface of the soil again, then tread, re rake then resow. You don't want compost on it, just get the basics right and be patient. The weather at the moment is ideal for sowing a lawn, 10 - 20 days for germination, you won't get a decent lawn for several months, so don't expect too much too soon.

Honeysuckle is not growing

Posted: Yesterday at 17:02

Honeysuckle is tough plant, not many problems with it, only powdery mildew really. I'd cut out any affected stems, burn them and then mulch and keep it well watered. 

Pollinator Suggestions Please...

Posted: Yesterday at 16:57

Sow some wildflower seeds in a corner, you probably won't need them but it won't hurt.

Surely these are slow or struggling?

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:51

That looks more like dumped subsoil with builders waste mixed in. That will be job and a half to rectify.

I'd incorporate not just garden compost, but horse manure and if I'm right it won't matter if its fresh or aged and leave it for a year to recover and let the worms and micro organisms get to work. It will take that long to get anywhere. Let the light and air get to it, nature will do the rest.

Moth and Butterfly plants

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:38

Try this link, plenty of stuff you can grow for butterflies.

This link for moths

What do you do or what did you do at work

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 16:52

I was a police officer in london, until stress took it's toll, then I moved away and became a gardener, and work for myself. I have never been happier in my work and stress is a thing of the past. I also teach kids to drive part time, hopefully to save a few young lives in the process.

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