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When to put in garden

Posted: Today at 18:02

Cucumbers unless for outdoor growing are the same as the melons. Again they need the higher temps to do well. Toms will grow outside in a sunny spot, but you need to pinch them at three trusses instead of the usual six in a GH. Personally I'd keep the chilli's in the GH again higher temps better chilli, but people do grow them outside in sunny spots. If you do lack space in the GH, buy varieties that will do well outside, it does save on the agro, and June is upon us, so they will do well in a decent summer.

How to convert this to a lawn

Posted: Today at 17:57

Not sure that isn't crocosmia which has died back in the foreground, with the new shoots coming up through it. You can hire turf cutters to strip the grass back for quick results, but by the look of it it'll be more effective to use SBK as a weed killer for that mixture, which will include sedges and tougher grasses.

Favourite gardening activity

Posted: Today at 17:50

Pruning over grown shrubs and roses is my fav job, then seeing them produce bigger and better flowers as a result. Some of my clients are amazed at the results and it's one of my most satisfying tasks and at home too.

When to put in garden

Posted: Today at 17:42

Both need the higher temps of a GH to do really well and produce the best fruit really. It's the humidity which is the real key, that is unless they are specifically for outdoor growing. They may do well in a CF or hot bed, so if you can give them the space in a sizable CF you may get a good result. I know there are cantaloupe varieties that do well outside, but honeydews are usually GH crops.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:19

I doubt drainage is the issue on chalk. People usually struggle to hold moisture on chalk. Have you dug down to see exactly what is underneath the grass? I'd strip off 2 ft square and dig down to see before deciding on what to advise.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:14

Easy Albert, just lift them all. You'll find bulbs one on top of the other. Break of all but the top two bulbs, they'll be the smallest, refresh the area with some compost and replant the top two only. Bin the rest. It's a simple job, but often overlooked by most. I do it every two to three years.

miniture roses

Posted: Yesterday at 17:39

It's the wrong time of year to move roses John. IF and I mean if you can seperate them without too much disturbance to the rootballs replant using rootgrow and bonemeal with FYM to the planting holes. I don't know the varieties you've got, they were without doubt greenhouse grown to flower at christmas, they may even have been grown abroad, so hardiness will be questionable. Surrey, hardly fierce winters, but most roses are tough. Keep them well watered, a good drench once a week. You may lose some of the new growth, so tlc is the answer.

Mystery Plant

Posted: Yesterday at 17:26

Can't open the image Tingly.

Rogue plant taking over garden!

Posted: Yesterday at 08:23

Your rouge plant appears to be phlox, an extremely pretty flowering perennial. It can be thinned out by lifting and splitting. Its a mainstay plant in my garden.

Lawn advice

Posted: Yesterday at 08:16

A good lawn takes a year to form the root systems needed to really endure what we do to them. Iron sulphate is the ingredient in moss killers. Iron phosphate has been trialed as a slug and snail killer. I always find plants do better in second and subsequent years as it takes a year to get a good root system. Grass is no different.

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