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Leylandii Probelm

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 12:18

Firstly it's die back. No real solution for it, however, your'e not cutting the hedge properly, if it's you that's cutting it. Hedges need to be wider at the base than the top, so it's the wrong way round. If you let the bottom grow over the next year, outwards, the new growth will hide the die back. I wouldn't touch that hedge till next Autumn to let it fill out and then cut it as described. Fir hedges especially need this type of cut. I'd feed the hedge in spring with Fish bone and blood, water it in well then leave it alone. It will grow back and hopefully you'll get enough growth to hide the die back. When you do cut it, make it a light trim in the first instance, then stand back and assess the look of it. Never cut back hard as you'll just create more die back.


Posted: 29/08/2015 at 21:26

Blue onion is right really depends on how big your garden is. I have a medium to large garden and get plenty of stuff from greens to browns to put in them, plus i compost the neighbours grass clippings so I have 2 1mx1m wooden bins made from pallets. If you only have a small garden go with a dalek type bin they're light and when you do need to turn then they're easily refilled and emptied. You can compost kitchen waste (uncooked veg or fruit, peelings etc, no citrus though) grass clippings and woody stems from perennials, old newspaper, cardboard, anything natural really and it soon breaks down.

Yes you can put annual weeds in a composter leaves as well, but it depends how many you have, scale is everything when composting, you need to accommodate what create. You can build  a seperate bin for leaves, and that's a different process and style of bin, but again it takes space.

There is a compost thread on here somewhere, hopefully someone will find it for you and put in a link.

Climbing Roses Advice

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 10:50

That trellis needs to be wider to train those roses properly nitram. The leaders need to be tied in laterally or at 45 degrees. They'll be firm enough now to tie in. That will produce the flowering side shoots. For three months growth that's pretty good, so training as previously described is now the next step.

New Garden - complete overhaul help!

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 21:22

Best thing you can do is get it all strimmed down right now. Apply a glyphosate based weed killer and let that work for a few weeks. You won't get the best out of the weed killer as it's late in the season, but for now its the best option. personally I'd then wait till spring when the weeds are just coming up and then tackle it again with weed killer. If you try and put down membrane, even top quality landscaping membrane, down now, weeds will come through next spring and I've seen nettle lift membrane before and it's a hell of a job to get it out.

In spring spray at two weekly intervals for a month, leave a further two weeks and only then can you really think of laying a membrane and putting slate chips on top.

It may not be what you want right now, but in my experience it's worth the wait. Impatience can cost money in the long run.

'Bubbly' red currant leaves

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 21:10

It's currant blister aphid katvet. See the link below for control options.



Posted: 28/08/2015 at 17:24

If they have a decent root system Gill, yes. I've just planted about 20 in clients gardens. The root system needs to quite visible at the edge of the pot. Mine were in 9cm pots, so it depends on what pot size they came in really. If they're still small I'd grow them on a bit first. If we get early frost I'd pop them in a cold frame till next spring and plant them out then.


Posted: 28/08/2015 at 17:16

Leave till feb arthur, it gives the plant time to take in the energy needed to get going next year, British weather dependent of course.

Short flowering season for my buddleja's

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 09:23

I have several and they're all still going strong, but things in my garden have varied greatly this year, what did well last year hasn't this and vice versa , so for me it been a bit disappointing. Mind you the bees and butterfly numbers (that's what I plant for) although a bit late have been better than last year.

An observation.....

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 07:43

A 2ft long slug, must be a new alien species of slug. 

Patio Roses in Containers

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 16:12

Container roses, do this sometimes Jan. All roses grown in a container need weekly watering, you can't rely on normal rain, even torrential rain, it never gets to the bottom of the pot. I'd drench it or soak it in a larger container overnight, drain it then leave it in a slightly sheltered position for a few weeks. It's probably dry at the roots and has taken exception to it. It should recover quite quickly, there may even be time for a few more flowers weather dependent of course.

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