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Dave Morgan

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Lawn weed and and feed

Posted: 06/09/2014 at 14:45

Best not weed and feed in the autumn Jason. Really that needs to go on in spring. You need an autumn lawn booster right now. Lawn treatments are best done in spring as it gives you the chance to see what damage winter has done, remove moss and the like after the wet weather, and reseed if necessary.

Grannies Bonnets

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 13:32

If you cut of any shrivelled foliage new growth will come, but you won't get flowers till next year.

Evening primrose

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 13:30

They do self seed but they are easy enough to hoe or pull out.

Grubs in turf

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 13:28

Fairygirl, seeding at anytime in September is ok even up north, unless the weather turns suddenly frost and really low temps don't hit us till end of October or November. As for the damage, it's leather jackets causing that. Water in the right nematodes then treat as described. Foxes will dig at new turf as its easy to move, but as I said before the people who sold you the turf need shooting, it's poor quality turf and shouldn't have contained leather jackets. It's certainly grounds for asking for a refund or new turf without the passengers.

Can't identify plants in garden!

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 13:17

Looks like one of the gaillardia's although which one I'm not at all sure. But looking again could be rudbeckia hirta.

Talkback: How to take cuttings from tender fuchsias

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 13:13

In a cold frame or greenhouse, failing that a cool windowsill indoors.

Grubs in turf

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 11:11

Whoever supplied the turf gave you a dud lot!. Treat with the nematodes first, they will take a while to work, 2 weeks after treatment, you can resow the affected patches.

The lawn won't establish properly till next spring /summer, so be patient. If it's still looking ragged in spring, scarify the affected patches and resow them. Lawns are a lot of work and quality of turf can make a huge difference. Your's doesn't sound to be too great, so I'd whinge like hell at whoever sold it too you.

Pyracantha hedge

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 11:03

Patience AliC, let them establish, it's not unusual for any newly planted shrub to yellow a little after planting. As the others have said water them once a week, I'd top dress with a little bonemeal tickled in to the top soil. Another month and they will be well established. Next year they should shoot away.

Funny Wildlife

Posted: 04/09/2014 at 20:34

Sitting in my mother's garden this afternoon a commotion in a cherry laurel made me look up. A sqiurrel was dancing through the branches gorging itself on the fruit to be watched by several fat woodpigeons who were sitting rather precariously on the firmer branches and looking rather envious at the sqiurrels good fortune. One of the pigeons then emboldened edged along a branch following the squirrel only to turn upside down on the branch followed by a clatter of wings and take off rather sheepishly. You had to see, it was hilarious and worthy of youtube.

I just wondered if any members have seen any other funny wildlife moments

Unknown eggs

Posted: 04/09/2014 at 19:30

They are slug/snail eggs, freshly laid, they turn opaque after a day or so, so very fresh.

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