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Dave Morgan

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Tomato leaf problem

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 17:02

Looks like leaf scorch. Try not to get water on the leaves when watering them.

Tomato plant maintenance

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 17:00

No just stop them if outside.

Found down a well.

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 15:08

I think it's an old fashioned Bain Marie.

Tomato plant maintenance

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 15:03

If your'e growing outside Meomye, then it's normal to stop them at 4 trusses. In GH you stop at 6. You can feed them now as well if small fruit has formed.

Is it too late?

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 10:33

Not too late, they'll just flower later and for less time.

Sad looking honeysuckle

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 10:03

They look too dry, drench each one with 2 -4 gallons each and water once a week with 2 gallons. They'll recover quite quickly.

Rose blooms

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 20:16

If you keep to drenching the pot once a week Christine ie filling it to the top and letting it drain through, then that's the only guide you need.

Rose blooms

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 17:13

It may well be dry Christine. there are usually 2 causes of what you describe and both at opposite ends of the scale, either too wet or too dry. It's a difficult balance, especially when growing roses in containers. A drench once a week is usually sufficient for roses in containers and a feed every 4-6 weeks.

tree peony

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 14:49

What compost did the garden centre recommend? It should have been John innes No3  plus  added grit. Tree peonies will only last a few years in pots min 12inch pots,, they'll need regular feeding throughout the summer and top dressing every spring. They really do better in borders than containers where they can really show off. I'd take it out of the pot and plant it deeply at least 4 inches below the level in the original pot.

tree peony

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 10:18

I don't know how you've treated it Deborah, but tree peonies are best planted in Autumn/Spring. They like good drainage, although I have seen them growing happily in clay, too much heat in the early days can hold them back and they won't establish. I'd hold off on the watering and mulch it, keep the mulch away from the main stem and leave it alone for a while. They can be slow to establish anyway, and if it's a grafted plant, it should be planted with the graft below soil level. Although hardy, they can be fickle in my experience especially when first planted.

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