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Dave Morgan

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Perennial planting time?

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 09:19

The ground still has some heat in it claire, although that will be changing soon.Why not pot them, then bury the pots in the ground, this will stop the pots freezing solid in winter, and give you options next spring. They wont grow hardly at all, and having little space, this could be the best option. A cold frame is fine as well but you may need to cover it if temperatures really drop. A colder than average winter is currently forecast, so if it were me I'd take the first option.

Block pave a patio

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 09:14

Block paving is laid on a 2-3 inch bed of sharp sand anyway, so laying on top is an option, however, does the current patio have a slope for drainage? Laying on top of concrete is all well and good, but drainage will be the issue.

I can't see a one inch base being a real problem, a sledge hammer would break it up easily. If it's a foot then yes you'll need a jack hammer.

The sharp sand base is usually compacted using a vibrating plate, which is the best way of ensuring a firm foundation, and you get very close to level by using it.

Lifting concrete slabs shouldn't be difficult you just need to get under the first one with a spade or bar. The foundation is probably sharp sand and cement, if it's concrete someone has gone over the top laying it. Might be a body underneath!

It depends on the finish you want, to do the best job you really need to get rid of the lot and start fresh.

Winter 2014/15

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 22:39

Oh well, you won't drown this winter, just freeze to death!

Talkback: Garlic varieties to grow

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 22:36

Jill it's possible to smoke anything, I used to smoke trout, delicious, but the principle are always the same, you either hot smoke or cold smoke things, I'm not sure whether variety makes any difference, why not just give it a go as it takes some practice.  


Posted: 03/11/2014 at 22:01

It may well be Jill, or it's just giving up the ghost, everything has a shelf life.

Talkback: Enjoy strawberries all summer

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 21:58

Try copper tape, and a drench of nematodes in spring.

Winter 2014/15

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 21:57

I bet your'e a member of the Flat Earth Society aren't you Nut.


Posted: 03/11/2014 at 19:45

Be careful with hawkshead's vic, they do grow very big, the guide says 4-5 ft, trust me if conditions are good they do get bigger and they are as wide as they are tall. Pretty if you have the space, I do and they look good, but they can be a brute if your'e unprepared.

Winter 2014/15

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 19:33

For all our information. I find it highly accurate and garden accordingly.

Passionflower (Passiflora caerulea)

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 14:10

Sorry Lola, both of them prefer either full sun or dappled shade. If it's that shady neither will thrive no matter what you do.

You could choose a clematis montana, one of the ivies climbing hydrangea, even honeysuckle.

Have a look at the link below to the rhs, there are a number of climbers that may suit your situation.

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