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Removing Slabs; Putting down a Bed

Posted: 07/05/2013 at 12:08

thanks for your responses, it's quite a lot of slabs, maybe 40. I'll probably relay them on the other side of the garden; i have a patio but it's to small to actually use so a little paved area would be very handy.

So now I guess it's either to break it all, or to break through big holes where the shrubs would go, the latter would leave the height pretty much bang on and probably save quite a bit of time and money too.

As far as drainage goes... It should be fine going into the subsoil underneath the concrete, I can't imagine there being any still water.

Here's what we're dealing with. The pathway that is in shade will come up, and the bit on the left leading to it, then hopefully re layed on the left


Removing Slabs; Putting down a Bed

Posted: 06/05/2013 at 17:22

Hello! First post so apologies if I'm in the wrong section but I figured this'd be a technique of sorts...

Along the back of my garden I have a row of slabs which I would like to remove and replace with decorative stones and some little shrubs.

The issue is, underneath the slabs there is a good 3 inches of concrete, I reckon I could probably get it out with a breaker but this'd mean also having to get a skip (which is expensive).

The only other option (I can think of) would be to chuck a load of compost/soil over it, I do have quite a bit kicking about as I have just finished doing my front garden.

The downside of that would be the new area (what was previously under slab) would be higher than the grass level, which would cause a rubbish edge and not really look as nice.

What sort of depth of soil is necessary for little shrubs?

If anyone can see a better way of doing this please share!

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Removing Slabs; Putting down a Bed

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