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Rabbits have eaten my bark!!

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 08:30

I have had the same problem  a couple of years ago when it was very cold with snaow on the ground  I bought  some capilliary matting that is used to sit oots on   I coated the outside with ordinary engine grease which you  can buy in a tin I then wrapped  the matting around the  bare area  taking it a few inches above the bare area  and just below ground level with the graease face outside. I secured it by wrapping thin nylon rope around the trees  at about 100mm intervals

I then gave the matting a good soaking from above I did not put grease on the top or bottm edges of the matting  The  idea  is to repalce the cappilliary action of the bark and stop the outer layer of the wood  drying out  Rain water running down the tree  seems to keep the matting  moist and the grease prevenst it losing moisture through evaporation

It has worked because the tree  had teh same ammount of fruit hat year  and in subsequent years

 On the other hand I ma have just been lucky!

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