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Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Today at 09:41

OL - I think I heard right and you were right first time.

riddle solved

Posted: Today at 08:51

Rosemummy, I'm pleased to know that you've solved your SP problem.

I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum to you, my children are all grown-up (I'm now blessed with 2 grandchildren) I do have the t-shirt.

With the above in mind I would suggest leave gardening matters until you have the time to enjoy it (what time, I hear you say) because gardening is relaxation that should be enjoyed.

Trust me, sooner than you think, the children will understand that mummy needs her own time.

Good luck! 


Sweet Peas

Posted: Today at 08:28

Hi, Jen...not sure if you've read my sweet pea thread  I've covered this problem there.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Today at 08:22
rosemummy wrote (see)'s 100% NOT your advice, that was faultless...have been playing sherlock...look at my new thread....don't tell me off too much pleeease


Sorry, rosemummy, it wasn't my intention to upset you,,,trouble was that I was having a pretty rubbish day anyway and the sight of your dead sweet peas did nothing to improve it.

Although sweet pea growing holds very little mystery for me anymore, I was finding it increasingly frustrating to be unable to tell you exactly why yours were failing.

Anyway, upwards & onwards.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Yesterday at 23:34

Monty isn't very good with sweet peas and loads of other stuff, OL. As you progress along this learning curve, you will spot a lot of other rubbish and may wonder if your admiration may have been misplaced.

Anyway hope your ankle soon gets better.


Where's Mike?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:20

Crikey, Mike! You're not on yer bike again?

Growing Roses

Posted: Yesterday at 21:44

Don't know if anyone has heard of it, but heard a good tip from a top show rose grower today, he swears by 'Uncle Tom's rose tonic'.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Yesterday at 18:52

You're such a sweetie, Dove....thank you. xxx Obviously not grown using anything I have written here.

Hope you like this one, it's 'Lisa Marie', an Eagle introduction.


Anyone addicted?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:26

Well, I'm addicted...and if I didn't purposely try to avoid the chat threads, I would be in need of therapy.

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