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David K

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Camera Corner

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 14:26

Lovely shots, Fairygirl....stunning part of the country.

Camera Corner

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 12:30

 Silver birch in my back garden.

Camera Corner

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 11:54

That time of year again.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 18/10/2015 at 20:11

 Nite, nite, blue rinses!

Strictly is back!

Posted: 18/10/2015 at 11:57

After poor Jay's slip-up, I didn't think it a very memorable week.

For me, this was my favourite:


Monty's Hedging

Posted: 17/10/2015 at 21:43
Verdun wrote (see)

Christine walkden is excellent.  Sorry Carol K is too giggly and dramatic......drives me potty. 


Well, that's probably the crux of the matter, Verdun......both of us with quite a few gardening miles on the clock and we see it totally different. I'll not be unkind by posting what I think about Christine Walkden, but hardly see her as having anything like the knowledge base of Carol K.

Carol was a serious contender head GW when Monty D was appointed.....rather a shame it worked out as it did.

This blasé acceptance that Monty doesn't set himself up to be an expert, mystifies me......why is he there? I just hope next time I fly in an aeroplane or undergo surgery, that the person with tools has a better grasp of things.

Btw, I'm a dog lover too, I just can't see why Monty's mutt should be in every shot.

Monty's Hedging

Posted: 17/10/2015 at 11:23

'I didn't notice Nigel looking at leaves with Carol or pacing up and down with Joe Swift ............ or did I miss something ................. 

 I would have thought it was fairly obvious I was referring to coverage from 'Longacre'. 

As Bob says, it isn't personal.

Monty's Hedging

Posted: 17/10/2015 at 10:20

Monty isn't very good with hedges and a few other things (I notice these things) but he will laugh all the way to the bank while the faithful continue to hang on to his every word.

After announcing that nothing at all was to be gained by sowing sweet pea seed in autumn, I did raise an eyebrow when he did just that, last week.

Oh, and while I'm whinging, I wish the program included just one shot without the bluddy dog in it!

Camera Corner

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 16:56

 Just a marigold.

Sweet Pea Know How

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 09:08

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I've a feeling it may be a cold autumn, so perhaps best get those SP seed germinated while the weather is still favourable. 

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