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Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 12:11

Frank, with respect, I don't think that's a message Mr D should be sending to new or experienced gardeners......he's done this hot-bed thingy before at Berryfields and it just vanished without trace or mention.

The way he was showing it recently at Longmeadow was (and I feel you know it) was totally incorrect.

Re experimenting. If I understood it correctly, he was trialling an new outdoor variety that he was not to optimistic about.  


Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 10:56
Lyn wrote (see)

Us or Monty David?

Whoops! Never anticipated that potential misunderstanding, Lyn.  I'm always in awe of the knowledge base of this forum.  

PS. Having said that, I wouldn't consider posting on this forum a 'profession'.

Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 10:36

I just like to hear from people are competent in their profession. 

Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 09:08
obelixx wrote (see)

Never mind the watering - how good is it to see he's got rid of that dreadful attempt at a wildflower meadow!!  

I've just watched the episode in full having missed bits earlier for a phone call and he's seen the light.  Wrong place.  Wrong soil.  Wrong decision.

Let's hope plan B works better.

An eyebrow was raised at DK Towers when Mr Don started 'another' melon growing hot-bed.

Some with long memories may recall a similar and rather elaborate venture being undertaken at Berryfields.......conveniently vanishing without being mentioned  again.  

Mistakes are an accepted part of gardening, but most of us learn by them.

Monty's watering advice

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 22:33

Rarely watch Mr Don & generally would hesitate to agree with him.....however, fraid I have to agree with him on this occasion.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 22:16

Horseygirl - as far as I can see your plants look basically healthy and I would suggest just leaving them alone for the time being.......if they are annoying you, no harm will be done by nipping off the affected leaves.

They're a myriad of reasons for SP leaves turning yellow, ranging from overcrowding, lack of air circulation, not enough root depth, etc, etc.

I wouldn't worry too much about them at this stage.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 12:17

Right, Lilly......those patio sweet peas will need a weekly feed of a high potash feed (this encourages flower production). Some report good results using 'Tomorite', this is of course a high potash feed, although there lots of alternatives.

Regarding those in the garden, much depends how much preparation soil preparation was done before planting out. I deep dig & add well rotted manure in the winter, so they require little in way of feed during the flowering season.

Judging from what you say, I would guess that both of yours would benefit from a feed of liquid seaweed just now.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 09:13
Lily Pilly wrote (see)

David how often should the sweet peas be fed at this stage? Mine are looking great but worried if the warmth doesn't increase there may be no flowers!


To answer this I would need to know how you are growing them, Lily...i.e. in containers or the open ground.  

Growing Roses

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 22:05

Bump for rosemummy.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 22:01

With pleasure, rosemummy......I'll bump it back up for you.

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