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Fork Handles

Posted: 16/08/2012 at 18:52 round to check your cholesterol later, Becks.

Ten rounds of toast & a bantam egg here.

Hurrah! New Gardening Prog.

Posted: 16/08/2012 at 09:27

I totally agree with the above...although I only watched a little bit during the footie half-time, I don't think I'll bother to watch again. 

BBC have certainly lost the plot (geddit)   when it comes to making gardening programs.


GW Presenters

Posted: 15/08/2012 at 10:13

Anyone hear how the sweet pea 'experiment' is progressing?

Fork Handles

Posted: 14/08/2012 at 22:20
sotongeoff wrote (se

The GW presenter debate always gets a bit spikey



......and I haven't said a word!

Fork Handles

Posted: 14/08/2012 at 21:10

Becks, nice to know you are dining on good old fashioned, Black Country cuisine.

Faggots Chips & Pays anyone?


catapillar damage on boxus

Posted: 14/08/2012 at 09:35

Not sure that these caterpillars will harm your chicks, but to answers your query I googled this:

"Contains the alkaloid buxine which causes nausea vomiting & diarrhoea. The leaves are poisonous to humans but its unpleasant odour and bitter taste tends to minimise its ingestion. Farm stock especially cattle are said to have grazed box bushes if they get into gardens. Death may occur through respiratory failure."


Ant Problem!

Posted: 13/08/2012 at 19:45

It's a marriage of convenience.

Aphids secrete honeydew in order to encourage ants. They benefit from their presence due to their ability to drive away predators such as Ladybirds with squirts of formic acid.


Fork Handles

Posted: 13/08/2012 at 09:11

Ermm....fingers crossed for this version.

Fork Handles

Posted: 13/08/2012 at 09:05

Queen did put in an appearance:

Fork Handles

Posted: 08/08/2012 at 19:12

Of course, I did start a chicken thread, even though it seems to have sunk into the depths.

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