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Gardening quiz.

Posted: 22/07/2015 at 17:27

Won't work.....human nature being as it is will result in 'google' cheating.

Camera Corner

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 21:29


Camera Corner

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 20:40

 Ducks at dusk.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 20:36

Hi, DD....I have a friend who emigrated to Cyprus a few years ago and although she was quite proficient at growing them here in the UK, she really struggles to grow them in the extremes of heat of Cyprus. So I can well understand that in your situation it must be difficult too, unfortunately (sorry to say) you may not be lucky in your resuscitation attempts.

I would check out Busy Lizzie, she seems to achieve good results in your area.

Sorry if this didn't sound helpful.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 20:25

I've specialised in them for about twice that time, Lily, so they hold very few surprises for me anymore.

"The pleasure they give".....for sure!  

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 20:11

Lily, now I've pointed you in the right direction, you'll find all the info you want online.

This is what The Sweet Pea Society has to say on the subject, which more or less tells you all you need to know:

"Bud drop – every Sweet Pea grower experiences this at some point in his or her growing career! In periods of cold weather the developing flowerbuds may turn yellow and fall off. Some varieties are more prone to this than others."

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 18:51

Good news, Lily......this s probably 'bud drop'. Although a little worrying if you haven't encountered it before, the plants will recover.

Basically, it is caused by variations in temperature (hot days and cold nights). The buds turn yellow/green and fall off when touched.

There is not a lot that you can do about it, you just have to wait until the weather settles and the nights get warmer. Do not feed plants until the buds start to set and flower. 

It may be worth noting that bud drop can also be caused by watering with cold water from a hosepipe....... use water that has stood for 24 hours if possible.

Leave as much growth on as possible, including tendrils, until it passes.

PS, I notice you have a little distortion in the leaves, this may indicate they are hosting greenfly.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 16:21
Lily Pilly wrote (see)

David K have grown Oxford blue for the first time, lovely, 


Pleased to hear that, Lily.....those 5 listed were carefully thought out. so I hope someone will do themselves a favour.

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 20/07/2015 at 10:44

For anyone yet to order their SP seed for next year, I can recommend:

'Orange Crush' - very bright flowers

'Midnight' - deep maroon

'Gwendoline' - light centre with pink edges

'Oxford Blue' - very strongly scented, navy blue

'Castle of Mey' - creamy white, frilly blooms


Music in the Garden

Posted: 20/07/2015 at 10:36
star gaze lily wrote (see)

Hi David good to 'see' you 


Good to see you too, Lily. xxxxx

Don't worry about me and my comings & goings.....after all, less than 4,000 posts in years & years.  

Crikey! Just noticed your post count is over 18,500.

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