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Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 10:09

Glad to hear your SPs have now taken-off, Lizzie.

It may be worth noting the thickness of the stems on those Gwendoline above (not sure that's the correct spelling, but it's how it's listed in the catalogues).....this is where using seed from specialists growers shows. 


Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 09:50


The sweet pea Gwendoline grown to show standards. 

Victoria Plum Tree

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 09:45

Not sure what is going on with the tree itself if as you describe it 'appears to have died'.

The blossom I can hazard a guess, either it has been hit by a late frost, or the blossom has just withered as is normal after it has set there tiny green fruitlet embryos amongst the shrivelled blossom? If so, they should be fine. 

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 09:29

Clive, I have to say that on this occasion, your poly-tunnel isn't doing your any favours. When I said in my previous message that your flowers should be alright for the big day, I was thinking more along the lines of them being outside.....of course, your poly-tunnel will be pushing the calculation forward.

I know growers use poly-tunnels regularly to ensure blooms for specific dates such as the Malvern Spring Show and even Chelsea on some occasions and they do offer the added advantage of blooms being undamaged by weather.......but for blooms required between June & August, autumn sown seed as described earlier is all that's required.

For a special occasion between July & September, March sowings would be appropriate.

PS. Would have a plan B.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 19:24




Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 19:11

For he record, Monty will be planting out his March sown sweet peas in tonight's GW (guess he will be cutting in late July) this coincides with my cutting the first flowers from my October sown seed.

I post this to illustrate that there are advantages to sowing your seed in the autumn.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 19:04

Hello, Clive….sorry you find yourself in this situation (as if weddings aren’t stressful enough at the best of times). It’s easy to be clever with the benefit of hindsight, but I feel you could have been where you wanted to be with this, without the poly-tunnel. Had your seed been sown last October & overwintered in a coldframe, then planted out in mid-March, They would have been on schedule for your late June wedding.

Not sure I would be keen on your plan to cut off their heads. If they have only started to flower recently, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be in their prime by late June…I base this on the fact that when my own start flowering in mid-May, they are at their best in mid-July…..8 weeks approx. Certainly be diligent by cutting regularly until the big day.

The shorter stems you fear should not be a problem before early August.

Hope this helps.


Camera Corner

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 21:29

 As the tree canopy grows, restricting the light to the bluebells, they retreat for another year.

In today's lovely sunshine, I thought how beautiful & lush the countryside was looking just now.

wilting leaves on runner beans

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 18:09

Runner beans are not keen on root fact, they sulk for days (depending on the weather) after being transplanted into the plot. If the central leaf cluster looks healthy they should be fine.

I sow mine (10 to the 1ltr pot) in those black polythene pots.....similar to black polythene bags when empty.

Begonia Tubers

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 11:04

Probably a tad late now, but based on experience, I would be careful when buying those begonia corms sold loose in garden centres, especially if a specific colour is important to your plans. Many times I've seen people picking them over and those they decide to reject are just thrown back into any of the boxes....thus the colours are mixed-up.

 Totally unconnected, but also don't buy bread rolls etc on open display in supermarkets..... the times I've seen people sneeze over them!!!

I'll get me coat!

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