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Monty's Hedging

Posted: 17/10/2015 at 10:20

Monty isn't very good with hedges and a few other things (I notice these things) but he will laugh all the way to the bank while the faithful continue to hang on to his every word.

After announcing that nothing at all was to be gained by sowing sweet pea seed in autumn, I did raise an eyebrow when he did just that, last week.

Oh, and while I'm whinging, I wish the program included just one shot without the bluddy dog in it!

Camera Corner

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 16:56

 Just a marigold.

Sweet Pea Know How

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 09:08

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I've a feeling it may be a cold autumn, so perhaps best get those SP seed germinated while the weather is still favourable. 

Strictly is back!

Posted: 13/10/2015 at 16:03

 Frank's off to Blackpool.

Camera Corner

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 20:45

Not taken in my garden, understand.

Like your panoramic Cornwall shots, Dove.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 20:10

That's it...the boxer has been knocked out (geddit)  but TBH he wasn't very good, was he? Having said that, I think dear old Ainsley is on borrowed time.

Regarding the latter, it must have been difficult to have a serious conversation about being in the dance-off, dressed as a bluddy penguin.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 11:38
Palaisglide wrote (see)


David today I have Silverside of beef in the oven, lunch 13:00 exactly bring your own plate.


Morning, Frank......would accept willingly, cept pretty well the same here, mine is topside. I wouldn't dare compete with the Yorkies.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 10:42

An incident during last night's judging interested me......that was Len's slap on the wrist for Giovanni. I'm thinking it was perhaps a hint to curb his ego, rather than anything else. 

Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 09:54

Yes, but you need to understand,'s a very long time since he's done any 'proper' dancing with a 'proper''s all been improvisation thus far.  

Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 09:41
KEF wrote (see)

Daniel O'Donnell made me cringe


You'll have those blue rinses after you!

Realistically, he is so far out of his comfort zone, it's unreal...cringe-worthy in fact.

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