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Beechgrove has started

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:45
Jinxy wrote (see)

Have only ever watched Beechgrove once ...... and haven't since - hated every minute of it. Won't even watch when there's nothing else on. Still it takes all kinds 


Just goes to show what a diverse lot we you say 'it takes all kinds', wouldn't it be boring if it were otherwise.

For me, I judge a gardening program by the accuracy of advice being given and its relevance to the viewers it's aimed at. I feel that in that respect (and others) Beechgrove ticks all the boxes, for both experienced and new gardeners.

Beechgrove has started

Posted: 02/04/2016 at 14:50


Beechgrove has started

Posted: 02/04/2016 at 11:52

 Here's one I prepared sharp dutch hoe.

Beechgrove has started

Posted: 02/04/2016 at 11:41
aym280 wrote (see)

David K: Have you not watched it? Catch up on iplayer. It was packed full of information Jim said you should only sharpen one side of the blade of his tool. Couldn't quite catch which side it was or it doesn't matter which side to sharpen.. 

That would be Beechgove, of course?

Never miss it and rate it highly........well worth the praise it receives.

Btw, I have been known to sharpen the odd garden tool meself in me's the upper edge that needs to be sharp, the bottom edge should be flat - as with a wood-chisel.

Beechgrove has started

Posted: 02/04/2016 at 09:28

.....sod the gardening! How many dog, barrow & mugs of tea shots were there??

RIP Ronnie Corbett

Posted: 31/03/2016 at 13:58

.....ever grateful for 'fork handles'.

Condolences to his nearest & dearest.

Email about reply to post

Posted: 31/03/2016 at 12:45
Shirley Kennedy wrote (see)

I have smileys  


How did that happen, Shirley? 

Email about reply to post

Posted: 31/03/2016 at 12:04

Shirley...don't think the 'smiley image' and lack of notification emails are connected.

I suspect you need to go into settings and see if you have 'basic editor' or 'advanced editor' highlighted in the 'forum settings' section. 'advanced editor' will give a more comprehensive toolbar.

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 29/03/2016 at 09:34

 Thinking about the above magnolia, this happened to my lovely camellia 'Water Lily' last year.....totally ruined it.

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