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Cats in the vegetable beds!

Posted: 18/12/2015 at 18:51

Alie4 to Dave Morgan's recent comment: IO favour 'decorating' areas of loose soil with closely-spaced sprigs of extreemly prickly holly! As Corporal Jones was wont to say "They don't like it up 'em!!"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted: 18/12/2015 at 17:54



 *These cards reflect the changing approach to celebrating Christmastide through the ages. May you all have a wonderful, relaxing & refreshing time over the entire Yuletide  - and enjoy the lengthening daylight which is now only a few days away!.


Stanley has a mate!!

Posted: 18/12/2015 at 16:15

How true, Kathy: Labs (any colour!) often have a good 'nose' for certain things, especially contraband food items!! My former boss at a Surrey field centre had to stop taking his black lab on guided walks with students  as the 'hound' would cadge mercilessly; crusts, sausages (from breakfast), apples, even orange peel (!). The dog's girth was becoming embarassing as she couldn't pass through the gap in dog-friendly 'dagger board' stiles aroung Box Hill & Headley Heath - and her owner was incapable of lifting her (unaided) to launch the podgy pooch over the top rail!

"Show us ya baubles!"

Posted: 17/12/2015 at 16:37

Love your diminutive tree, Daryl. May you & it continue to prosper for years to come, both indoors & out (for its summer holidays!).

Stanley has a mate!!

Posted: 17/12/2015 at 16:33

That heron is a real beaut, Kathy! He'd scare the bejazus out of the various seagulls, jackdaws & starlings that make up the 'heavy' brigade of my feral bird visitors!! Note your helpful comment re: pig sculpture - for me as a native Tamworthian, it would have to be made of rusty metal to simulate the orange 'furry' colour of that named breed! ? Maybe you'll remember the "Tamworth Two" that escaped from a butchers (& earned a reprieve) before being nearly turned into pork??

What's in your bag?

Posted: 16/12/2015 at 20:33

Quite correct, Jo47. *Though there were once rumoured to be 'gold-bearing' veins closer (to me) in mid and NW coastal Pembrokeshire..... I'm ever hopeful when I get out on foot along the Pembs Coast Path National Trail!! Just remember that "all that glistens is not gold"...*[secret locations know to only a very few, extremely careful 'close' people].

Bumble bee but what's the flower?

Posted: 16/12/2015 at 20:24

Too true, DyersEnd: I'm currently giving the thrushes, blackbirds, starlings etc the run of my berry bushes/ trees - but I think I'd better 'bag' a few of the branches with nice clusters on so that they don't get 'sampled' by the birds! * I construct several 'natural' wreaths for doorways & porches, so I need quite a plentiful supply once I get going!


Stanley has a mate!!

Posted: 16/12/2015 at 18:25

What marvellous deer studies! Love the soapstone statuette, too! My tiny mid-town mid-terrace garden would never accommodate anything as large, but I'm on the lookout for modestly-priced terracotta tortoises or non-vegetarian rabbits!!  

What's in your bag?

Posted: 16/12/2015 at 18:16

Hi Nora, welcome to the forum: re bought-in compost - I've encountered all the usual 'stuff': wood chippings, string, plastic strip (mostly blue!), bits of bottle glass and a tidy range of pebbles. *As a professional geologist, I can readily identify most granites, quartz and sandstones, at least to 'region of origin'. Sadly no sizeable nuggets of gold, silver or diamond-bearing ore as yet, but I live in hope!!

Bumble bee but what's the flower?

Posted: 16/12/2015 at 17:54

Sadly  I missed photographing the bumble bee - but all this week a fine Mr Bumble has been visiting each of the clematis "Freckles" flowerheads in turn!! Great stuff for mid-December!!

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