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just curious

Posted: 04/04/2012 at 20:47

members constantly mention garden size-usually to emphasize smallness-here in reno, nv. my 1/3 acre(how much is that in hectares?) is considered small-although because everything is planted the actual garden size is larger than most and about all i can handle in intensive mode-what about all of you?


Posted: 04/04/2012 at 20:37

hellebore foetidus in full bloom-christopher lloyd wrote that the name seemed misplaced-if he had visited my garden yesterday he would have smelled the truth of the name-not overwhelming but still nose prickling-perhaps however you do need dozens for the reek to be apparent


Posted: 04/04/2012 at 20:21

75f. yesterday, then snow this morning, even for reno a mixed up sort of spring. the great garden project which was begun yesterday will not be finished today


Posted: 04/04/2012 at 19:23

if your thistle is onopordum giganteum i would say leave it-in my garden it comes up here and there, occasionally even in the right place but how wonderfully sculpural it is. in the last few weeks i have done my annual spring thinning and eradication of the overly enthusiastic-i think the close attention pays off in culture of the garden and if you keep all the spreaders out you lose so many chance and fugitive beauties-however i must say that phlox davidii is quite beyond the pale. emma crawforth if you read this what is the story about downloading pix, the site says no-is there some trick to it? i fogot to day that onopordum has occasionally reached 3 meters in my garden

Confused about trees!

Posted: 04/04/2012 at 19:09

or really any of the hardy manolias-they are extremely water thrifty and stand up to wind and sun

large acer tree near to the house

Posted: 04/04/2012 at 19:06

acer flamingo is a lovely small tree though unfortunately prone to aphids. it will  quickly outgrow the space you have given it. i would put it no closer than 3 meters and even then it might be too close. here in reno i have seen it 6 meters by 5. good luck with that, sounds like you need a shrub rather than a tree.


Posted: 03/04/2012 at 20:16

species tulips coming into bloom-how obliging they are and to my eyes so much more appealing than the hybrids. tulip linifolia which seemed to be chary of settling in is good this years-leaves writhing across the ground starfish like and the color exactly that of beaujolais with the sun shining through it. close inspection of the pulsatillas reveal lewisias thriving between them-odd since it doesn't seem their sort of place-the eternal wonder of plants


Posted: 02/04/2012 at 21:31

pulsatilla vuglaris in bloom-the colors are so unreal. tanacetum nivea is up-such a good plant but it will grow where it likes. saw that pyrethrum, and chrysanthemum parthenium have been moved into tanacetum-taxonomists are a rum lot-pyrethrum-now tanacetum coccineum has never been good for me and parthenium is both boring and irritating. i read that it is good when grown well but oh lord i have never seen that. Aureum however-so good that i forgive all the sins of the fathers.


Posted: 01/04/2012 at 21:06

what is it about forsythia and chaenomeles ? people cannot leave them alone-loolipops everwhere and yet au naturel they are wonderful-just venting for a moment

The Blessing of a new Allotment

Posted: 31/03/2012 at 22:40

what is an allotment? serious question

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