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Eupatorium purpureum 'subsp. maculatum Atropurpureum' Purple Joe Pye weed

Posted: 16 March 2013
Overall: I have grown this plant for a few years now and find it a very easy plant to grow.It is a magnet for butterflies and also attracts bees and other pollinating insects. As it is a very tall plant it should be grown at the back of the boarder. This plant will freely spread ,once it has settled into it's allocated place and so the young shoots can be lifted and transplanted to other parts of the garden.If you have the space this is one plant you must grow.

Leycesteria formosa Pheasant berry

Posted: 28 January 2012
Overall: This is a great shrub for the wildlife garden as the flowers are attractive to bees and many other insects and the berries are loved by birds. It is also a good plant to quickly fill gaps around the garden especially in hedges and when planted in groups it quickly forms a very attractive "thicket" where birds will find cover and nest sites
Beware though, once it has settled in it grows very fast (one of my own speciemens growing more than 18 inches in a week)so make sure it won't bloke paths etc. It is also faily easy to propagate from cuttings as well as seed and will also self seed given the chance