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Veg: Are the Old Varieties better than New?

Posted: 25/06/2013 at 18:16

Over the last two weeks I have been digging up and eating my new, first early, potatoes. Once again, as in the previous four years, I am sooo disappointed with the taste. I have now experimented with twelve various varieties including all the old favourites such as Pent land Javelin, Aaron Pilot, Foremost etc etc BUT can not get that "new potato earthy Taste" of yesteryear.

I have also purchased the seed potatoes from the usual reputable seed merchants including direct from |Scotland, without success. I use loads of well rotted manure when preparing the soil and have used the usual crop rotation system. In short, I have not changed my potato regime but the taste is simply not there.

In reading this thread, I too wonder about the seed merchants desire to get good cropping outcomes, low disease and FS1 seed/plants at the expense of good old fashioned taste!

Can anyone recommend a first early that has the earthy taste of old???

Thanks for reading this,


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