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Welcome to the fruit & veg forum

Posted: 26/08/2013 at 13:08

Hi guys im new on here and at gardaning,i just paid for a years worth of magazines i was given a knee high raised bed by are housing people through a grow your own sceam i have ptsd and a head injury from being in the militry im amazed how reading all your reports and qustions has brought me out of my shell as did the garden in the back the top i landscaped around the bedmade a rocary pots tools all sorced from the tip now the front has been done im shaterd but love it. I have two qustions i have loads of big tomatoes green been this way for three weeks any idears also the yous of lime to sort out the terible sticky dirt in the boarders any help would be fab, im also sorry if i afend any one with my spelling and grammer im lucky i can even with spell check lol. digger x

Talkback: Growing Russian vine

Posted: 18/08/2013 at 14:56

Sounds ok, im trying to find somthing to put on the chain link wast highy fence its about30 meters long over looking fields and hills it would act as a wind brake and get ride of the horrible chain link i have looked at others like conifers wistirea ect but im very new at this i was given a hight raised grow box and food plants to grow and i seem to have gone mad but as a ex soldier with PTSD i cant belive how calming gardening is.

Bindweed :(

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 15:15

this weed has it got a prity white flower on it but a pain to get rid of my garden is stacked with it 

Raising the Level of the New Lawn

Posted: 21/07/2013 at 16:52

grate stuff i to seem to have a realy terrible lawn laid on to ruble not very big and im tempted to kill it of top soil then seed,would it be better to seed later in the year as in cooler times and take longer to prep the area. 

Talkback: How to make compost

Posted: 03/07/2013 at 10:23
great vid i just bought a large compost bin from the local tip for £3 the top lid opens and theres a small black opener at the bottom,sadly i'm disabled and can't leap about like the video is there any advice for these bins please.

Talkback: How to water your plants

Posted: 02/07/2013 at 15:13
hi is there a of knowing how much to water i'm very new to this as in 3 weeks old i have made a rockery and bought from local garden stores and centers plants that love the sun bit of water now and then, i also bought some that flower in baskets, someone said stick your finger in and see how moist it is.

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