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How to deter Field Mice?

Posted: 20/01/2013 at 02:33

Last year I was left with virtually nothing thanks to a few little field mice. What's the best way to deter these critters?

C4? - kidding. Actually not kidding.

I noticed a new hole last week in the middle of my cleared ground bed that I was planning on putting my roots in this year. And there was a little field mouse sitting next to it, bold as brass, out in the sunlight.

I'm not a violent person but seriously I am down to zero tolerance.

Dividing perennials

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 01:01

Thanks - I finally did this in February eek  as I had no help and it was a huge weight. I had to just dig a hole where I wanted it to go & drop it in to fit. It has got new shoots on it now, a good 4" high, but then it was a simple 'move' in the end rather than tearing it up. Although that's still going to have to be done at the next window I feel.

Worried about me wood!!

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 00:56

An update - it took a month but B&Q finally sent this back :

"We don't hold records of decking treatments going back that far, however, since the use of CCA's in timber treatment has only become restricted in the EU within the past 10 years or so it can't be ruled out. It would therefore be advisable not to use this decking for the construction of raised vegetable beds.

Timber suspected of containing CCAs should not be burnt. Take advice from a recycling centre as to the best route of disposal."

Oh, bother.

Pound shop plants- any success stories?

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 00:45

I got a honeysuckle from B&M for £1.79 - that is doing really well, I put it in where it will get the sun & climb the pergola yet have its base shaded.

Broad Beans

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 01:18

Did you acclimatise them first? Maybe they are a bit traumatised if the soil was cold. I usually plant mine in October & overwinter them under a cloche - they grow to a few inches immediately and then stop & wait until after the spring equinox. You could try just sowing the seed directly at this time of year.

what's people in the north west growing at the moment.

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 01:09

I have broad beans that have overwintered under a cloche. Am going to put some carrots in when I get time but I have some in cardboard tubes ready + peas, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale & some bedding flowers & sweet peas started indoors. Outside I cut back last year's chard that I didn't bother pulling up, & now have some useable leaves on it which is a bonus.

I find it helps to keep an eye on the forecast:



Posted: 11/03/2012 at 00:51

I've never bothered about disturbing the roots with sunflowers. The birds sow the flippin things ALL over my garden - I just pull them up & transplant them to where I want them. The birds are very good at sowing my sunflowers for me, some of the resulting flowerheads have been multi-amazing.

Looking for evergreen climber

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 00:35

We got a honeysuckle to replace a clematis (that was, frankly, just too much hassle & not a great performer). It's been great, just clipped back a few unruly arms & that's it. One of the best bees & butterflies plants we have. Great scent. The base (I mulch that in compost each spring) is in shade then the rest is in sun.

Worried about me wood!!

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 23:59

Thank you for the responses - the age of them is certainly a consideration in terms of 'nasties' but then again as you point out, there must be a point where there's v.little left in them (they were never looked after with extra treatments when they were actually used as decking).

I've also sent an enquiry to B&Q to see what they can tell me about the decking they were selling 10 years ago and what their advice would be in using it for raised beds - I'll post any reply I get.

Worried about me wood!!

Posted: 27/02/2012 at 00:18

Hi we had a large decking area when we moved in 8 years ago, made with standard 'slatted' decking that the previous owners got from B&Q. We ripped it up & used the decking lengths to make 2 large raised beds instead. We lined the insides with heavy black plastic pond liner.

I was told recently that there may be a toxin problem with using recycled decking lengths - has anyone else done anything similar or know any more on this subject?


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