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Pelargonium Candelabra

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 23:48

Just for the sake of fun: this pelargonium cluster put forth a

second (smaller cluster), like a candelabra prímula...

Unknown wildflower

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 03:16

Sedum sarmentosum?

Surfina bedding plants

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 02:44

It happens to me sometimes, but reason may be diverse. Anyway,

petunias hate too much water, they stunt right away...

Plant ID, please.

Posted: 02/12/2015 at 15:08

Nigella, maybe...

Clematis Coming of Age

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 06:04

It is a C. integrifolia from Thompson & Morgan. I moved it a couple of times

to find out where it best suited it. Recently I added a mulch of shredded cardboard,

and it seems to please the little beast!

Clematis Coming of Age

Posted: 18/11/2015 at 20:16

I started this from seed years ago, and after a long battle with my nemesis

(mites), here is the first (although a bit tatty) jewel:


Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 14/11/2015 at 16:58

Gertie, it is in fact a mum, but I believe rather a cross between a mophead and a spider, because of the outer petals (a deduction rather prone to criticism!).

Loved the clematis, busy-lizzie!

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 08/11/2015 at 18:22

Dazzling pictures, delightful gardens everyone, thank you!

Some of Brazilian spring...







Posted: 08/11/2015 at 17:05

Oxalis has always been the worst (green) enemy in my Brazilian garden. Until

some years ago they were simply everywhere, half a dozen types of it growing

among  herbs, vegetables, flowers, grass and pavement. What I have now is fruit of

at least 10 years of painful eradication by hand (and knife) and disposal of bulbils

and roots and flowers. The bulbils and roots are specially difficult to whack because

they break up easily from the main plant. It helps to dig the plot and bring some of

the lower soil up so next "oxalicide" session is made easier with the bulbils and

roots closer at hand. Do not compost oxalis, dispose of it in the garbage or burn it.


Posted: 19/10/2015 at 21:46

Sow early indoors, gaillardias are slow at first but take off in four months, more or less.

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